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It is gauche to worry about them, except we all hate Shivers. It is easier to agree on hates than on beliefs. We are glad, of course, that the council plans to organize against the Shivers group \(of which Ramglad the council is against party disloyalty and governmental corruption. But what is it for ? Not another issue was mentioned Friday. Do loyal Democrats really think they can serve their state with such contentless battle-cries? The Waco deed was done in the name of unity. But where will the unity be in 1956 when Senator_ Johnson tries to force into the same railroad car on the rails to Chicago the followers and the foes of Ramsey and Shivers ? Where will the unity be next summer if Ramsey is running for governor ? Then we will all remember the November Compromise as Churchill remembered Chamberlain. F. The Democratic Advisory Council can no longer hold its head high. It has yielded what is right for what is comfortable. It was, all in all, a dismal meeting Friday, compromised and effete. Creekmore Fath laid down the challenoe: disapprove of -Ben Ramsey as Democratic national committeeof Ramsey, partner to Allan Shivers in t1h administration that has guarded the interests, taxed the people, and let the treasury be rifled. This would not do, decided the liberals : if the resolution failed, it would help Ramsey; if it succeeded,. Ramsey Would be seated anyway by the national committee, and that would hurt the council’s repute. By this neat logic the council saved its status at the cost of honor. Even then, those timorous souls so loth to disagree with the Speakersouls so sychophantic as to think that to disagree is to disrespectopposed the compromise resolution as a back-handed slap at Rayburn. It passed by a mere twoto-one majority, though it praised Rayburn and only mildly sugo -ested that it would be well if the ”I’exas Democratic committeeman admitted in public that he was a Democrat. There is an ironic inverted parallel between what D.A.C. did about Ben Ramsey and what the State Democratic Executive Committee did about Ramsey’s predecessor, Wright Morrow. Even as .Morrow is the epitome of what the committee stands for, so Ramsey is the antithesis of what the council stands Some labor groups and the LatinAmerican GI Forum held a meeting in the Rio Grande Valley recently to plan the sale of poll taxes. One of the objectives of the plan is to give the Latin-Americans, who haVe a population majority in the Valley, the election day majority to which they are democratically entitled. But oh, the moans and the wailing: “Valley Chamber of Commerce says it’s a plot to unionize fhe Valley !” “National Guard Refuses to March in Veterans’ Parade w ith GI Forum !” \(The GI Forum, friend, is a group of Latin-American war veterans ; the National Guard is What the upshot is we are not sure, but we hope they sell a lot of poll taxes. Maybe then Latins in the NOVEMBER 9, 1955 Incorporating The State Observer, combined with The East Texas Democrat Ronnie Dugger, Editor and General Manager Sarah Payne, Office Manager Published once a week from Austin, Texas. Delivered postage prepaid $4 per annum. Advertising rates available on request. Extra copies 10c each. Quantity orders available. Entered as second-class matter April 26, 1937, at the Post Office at Austin, Texas, under the net of March 3, 1879. We will serve no group or party but will hew hard to the truth as we find it and the right as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of .democracy ; we will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit Valley will get to go to school more than the three and a half years they now average. Maybe then they will o get paid more than the 30 cents an hour for which they now must cower. One never knows, of course, but it is conceivable that democracy in the Valley may, at some future date, include even the Latin-Americans. …A Pit 5hin, 5rue Look Magazine is a wonderful magazine. It is well-edited, prudent, exciting, readable, and it has an excellent taste in newspapers. Why, just this week, November 15, it gave The Texas Observer a two-page spread. Wonderful magazine. Gentlemen and scholars, all. Staff Correspondents : Bob Bray, Galveston; Anne Chambers, Corpus Christi; Ramon Garces, Laredo; Clyde Johnson, Corsicana ; Mike Mistovich, Bryan ; Jack Morgan, Port Arthur ; and reporters in Dallas, Houston, Beaumont, El Paso, Crystal City, and Big Spring. Staff Contributors : Leonard Burress, Deep East Texas ; Minnie Fisher Cunningham, New Waverley, Bruce Cutler, Austin ; Edwin Sue Goree, Burnet; John Igo, San Antonio; Franklin Jones, Marshall ; George Jones, Washington, D.C.; J. Henry Martindale, Lockhart ; Dan Strawn, Kenedy ; Jack Summerfield, Austin ; and others. Staff cartoonist: Don Bartlett, Austin. Cartoonists: Neil Caldwell, Austin; Bob Eckhardt Houston ; Etta Hulme, Austin. MAILING ADDRESS: Drawer F, Capitol Station, Austin, Texas. EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS OFFICE: 504 West 24th St., Austin, Texas. Phone 7-0746. HOUSTON OFFICE: 2501 Crawford St.., Houston, Texas \(Mrs. R.. D. Randolph, director, subVisiting in New York to tes tify in a suit growing out of the famous New York Central stock. battle, Clint Murchison said his personal wealth was “five, six, or seven million,” revised the figure to $30 million a few days later. In a hall in the State Capitol v a the other day Allan Shivers and John Ben Shepperd were strolling along together. They spied two mothers showing two children around the building. They stopped and Shivers asked them: “Where yall from ?” They told him. Then he said to the children : “Well, I’m Allan Shivers, and I want you to meet my friend Ben Shepperd.” They all shook hands. The Corpus Christi Caller, in a Nov. 1 editorial, urges a strong state lobby control law. “Representatives of special interest now are so strongly entrenched in Austin that nothing short of a law with teeth can. shake their grip,” says the editorial. “Many senators and representatives agree that no major piece of legislation can be passed in the state legislature unless it has the approval of one or more lobby interests. The federal law may need amending, but a strong state law is much more important to Texas.” …. After the East Texas Bar Association voted for “no action” and closed the case of complaints about John Ben Shepperd’s remarks on the Court of Criminal Appeals, the Dallas News headlined its story : “Bar Group Clears John Ben Shepperd.” …. Ernest Joiner writes in the Rails Banner:”… it has become public knowledge that when Publisher Ted Dealey of the Dallas Morning News got drunk, slammed into a parked automobile, cussed out the police, and was jailed and fined for . Allusive language and drunk and disorderly conduct, not one line about it appeared in the Dallas News.” The News crusades for strict law enforcement against drunken drivers, Joiner says. …. A typo in our story last week about hotel rooms reserved by the State Democratic Executive Committee made the total 33,000 instead of the correct figui -e, 3,000. …. On last Saturday morning the .board of directors of the Travis County Democratic Club of which Creekmore Fath is presidentadopted Fath’s resolution that the national committeemanship should be left vacant until…May, The hoard also adopted a resolution that the Travis County delegation to the May convention should be Texas-at-Large pledged to the presidential candidate for whom most Travis County Democrats express a preference at their precinct conventions. Fath was instructed by the board to send copies of these resolutions to every county Democratic organization in the state, Ezry’s Cycle By Countryside and Town NEW WAVERLY The man over the radio says that an elderly woman who operates her own farm said, at Senator Ellender’s. ricultural hearing in Ft. Worth Saturday, that “Surplus is an ugly, stupid word” and that “a dim-witted, short-sighted, unfair group of officials in the Department of Agricul- ture is engaged in destroying farmmorale and driving a wedge between city housewives and food producers.”. Sure I said it. And a lot more besides. The price policies of the Department of Agriculture are creating the surplus, and no sincere effort is being made to utilize this so-called excess production for the benefit of the nation. Just run a little simple arithmetic oti my own farm. Under the New Deal two good 400-pound calves would pay my taxes and leave a margin to pay_ hauling, commission, and so forth; this .year it will take four similar” calves to do as much. Knowing that naturally started out to double my production of calves. What else can I do ? But doing that, I, and my neighbors under the same necessity, glut the calf market, and the vicious circle for sure. What about the surplus? Take the cheese story in the papers a few days ago … Ezry bought more than two million dollars worth from the dealers at 37.5 cents per pound and shortly thereafter sold it back to them for 34.5 cents per pound without ever taking legal possession of the cheese, Did that ‘utilize’ any cheese and take it off the market? Of course it did not. Now the Comptroller is trying to get that money back. Think of the beef buying program Congress financed. Ezry bought gravy. … canned gravy. Did that help the price of my calve’s? So help me, if Congress authorizes a pork buying program, Eiry will buy ‘cracklings.’ M.F,C. 5he pole pot’ at i r anias *torn=