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Ottstrurr c tip gv 4 ot i O”\(& \(es indent Liberal Weekly Newspaper Staff p; ot BOB ECKHARDT of HOUSTON He Reads Out the Compromise Shepperd, District Attorney Say Race Not a Factor AUSTIN, TUESDAY NIGHT . White men were being :questioned by pOliCe Longview Tuesday afternoon _in connection..with . the -.Sprayjbtillet slaying of a 16-year-old Negr6 boy. Attorney General :John Ben Shepperd declared earlier Tries , day in Austin that so far as he ,can determine there was no racial moti vation involved in the killing. , Asked Tuesday afternoon if he had any suspects, Sherif f Noble Crawford told the Observer from Longview that he had “a bunChof them” in his office at the moment. “They’re white,” he said “They’re not exactly suspectsit’s just a process of elimination,” he said. , Asked if the fatal shooting of, john Carroll Reese and the injury of two younger Negro girls recently seemed racially motivated, he replied :. “I’m afraid to even say. We’ve found no connections at all on the thing.” Tuesday at noon Shepperd and Gregg County District Attorney Ralph Prince. stated that so far as they could determine there was no racial ‘ issue involved -in -the shootings into the. Ne, r gro cafe where the teen-agers :were *–.,:b dancino and a Negro home, school, school bus, and mailbox in the nearby Negro community of Mayflower on the night of Oct. 22. Meanwhile,* Texas Rangers and the Federal Bureau of :Investigation are ;reported to have moved in on the case. ‘Prince said two Rangers entered the case last week. Shepperd said the Federal Bureau of Investigation -had investigated. R. A.-Shaw, the white superintellent of the Tatum-Mayflower school district;. said that the shootings'”are a scare camPaign and coercion They’re trying to scare the Negroes out of their citizenship.” \(Sec story The Negro principal of the school into which , five bullets were fired shortly after the boy’s murder -said that harder work by loyal law enforcement officers could have prevented the shootings. He said that Negroes in the area are afraid to go out at night. The Observer reported the details of the case in its last issue. The \\\\li t e school at TatuM was painted with obscenities, and the whiteschOol tax assessor-collectbr’s home with racial obscenities, apparently because. Of pas The one great rule of composition is to speak the truth. Thoreau .We will serve no group or party but will hew 4ard to . the truthas we find it and the right as We see it. :Vol. 47 TEXAS, NOVEMBER 9, 1955 10c per copy No. 29 tional convention next year ; adesire for status with the Democratie National Committee which would have been thwarted had D.A.C. rejected Ramsey only to find him seated,by the national committee’ on Nov. 16 ; and fear that a resolution more hostile to Ramsey would have been. rejected. orite son, for he is.the only Texan.of stature upon whom all of the factions of the state can agree.” Douglass Cater of The Reporter Magazine -ambled through Texas last w e e k, interviewing. Johnson and others in preparation for another assessment-of the. supercharged political atmosphere of the state. SENATOR Ri O B E-R T Kerr of Oklahoma, latest pilgrim to the Pedernales, said at a press .confer price week that he is one of a lot of Oklahoma folks who would like to see Johnson either the presidential or vice-presidential nominee. Johnson -broke in on Kerr andsaid he had “no inclination to seek a place on the ticket I have no intention of being proposed or selected.” Johnson and Kerr discussed sot -he the Democrats’ agenda . for the next 412ono -b ress. Kerr is for 90 .percent of parity farm prices on basic crops, coupled with a program to get farmers to hold enough acreage out of production. He favors more floOd control work, especially upstream, and federal aid to -states for school construction `.without federal control,” a program of $500 million a year to start. Kerr and Johnson.. then discussed other Democratic goals in Congress: legislation for better roads, broader -social security laws, tax relief. for the small wage earner, and passage of the Harris natural gas bill to e*empt independent gas producers from regula tion by the Federal Power Commission. This latter measure is expected to split both….DemocratS and Republicans next session, but Johnson is expected to make a more serious fight for it than he did last session -. WITH RESERVATIONS AUSTIN Senator Lyndon Johnson has in; dicated informally at his ranch on the Pedernales that he expects there to he only One Texas delegation to the national Democratic convention in Chicago. It would be a moderate delegation, quite possibly with Johnson as-ea favorite son candidate. JOhnson is notconsidering higher office for himself in,;,956, but he is said to be receptive twi he favorite -son methodof controlling the delegation. .Speaker Sam . Rayburn has call0 for a delegation pledged to. support the national nominees: :ASked about .a favorite son delegation in Waco Friday, he said he would not discuss Texas personalities. Samuel Shaffer o f Newsweek wrote a report` onJohnson which appeared Nov. 7. While Johnson’s aides say Shaffer erred in saying he prefers Adlai Stevenson over other candidates for the Democratic nomination, the report affords an insight into his current strategy as Democratic majority leader and politician’ consummate. Said Shaffer: “He reasons this way : The country is in no mood for reform. It likes the Administration formula of peace and prosperity.” The Democrats’ record will have to be ‘the kind that won’t_ frighten the conservatives and won’t appeal to the radicals.’.” Texas will probably send only one ‘delegation to the convention, “conservative in cast, but … loyal to: the nominee,” said Shaffer after his in, terview% “To ensure unanimity of purpose, the Texas delegates will be .pledged to Lyndon Johnson as a fav A .CELEBRATION hon oring Johnson may come off next December in Austin. Mayor Tom Miller -says the plans are nebulouS as yet. A’ lot .of powerful senators. and _other Democrats ‘would be invited. Johnson has already been visited at his ranch by many top DemocratsL., Senators Symington, HuMphrey, and Kerr, Adlai:StevensOn, Rayburn. Senator .Estes Kefauver is corning soon: Whether William White of The New York Times t h a t the Alsop brothers are correct that he is breWing “centrist” coalition for the national elec., .tions, there is little ..doubtfthat ‘Johnson isinterested ‘in heading off the bolt at the May state convention which has ,becoMe a normal event in a state where. conservatives and -liberals are nearly all Democrats. In that context, Johnson’s suggestion of Lt. -Goy. Ben Ramsey as national committeeman seems to fit as :a part ofthe larger plan in Johnson’s mind. AUSTIN A’test case crystallized last -week on whether National Committeeman Ben Ramsey will -support the loyalists -or the Shivers group in Texas politics. -The Democratic Advisory Council adopted a_ resolution endorsing the Young Democrats led by Dean Johnston of Houston. This group was -approved by the National Young Democrats for a two-year period in 1954. A resolution recently adopted by the executive board of the Johnston group declares Ramsey. “unacceptable” as national committeeman. Hall Timanus of the conservative Young Democrats announced that his group had met in Austin, pass a \(Related Stones on I d \(_ WACo The Democratic Council of Texas has accepted Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey as national Democratic . committeeman with the -statement that in the future the office should’ be held by someone who has engaged in “active public participation” on behalf of the national nominees and “long and faithful service” to the Democratic Party. This coin pr om is e course was worked out in hotel room caucuses that raged until 3 o’clock the morning before he council’s open meeting here , -Friday afternoon. . Bob Eckhardt of Houston substituted the successful’ resolution for one by Creektnore Fath of AuStin which would have put the council on record against Ranisey’s acceptance by urging that the left open until the state’ conventions in May… Eckhardt’s resolution, written by hiixi and Franklin Tones of Marshall, was designed to chastise Ramsey mildly without. of fending Speaker Sam Rayburn, Who has endorsed ‘Ramsey and who let it be known that he would regard any mention of the matter as a slap_at his leadership. ,00ther weights which helped cap the cauldron were a feeling among the anti-Ramsey group that. Rayburn’s ap proval would be ‘necessary at the na Marlin Sandlin of Houston moved that the Eckhardt compromise be tabled, but this was defeated, 67-39. Sandlin said he thinks the resolution adopted “is*a back-handed slap at the leadership of Mr. -Sam, Rayburn and Senator Lyndon johns -on* and concurring in the appointrnentof Lt. Gov. Ben Ramsey as national committeeman. -Backers of the Eckhardt Move denied any intent to challenge Rayburn. They pointed out, that the resolutiOn. praises Rayburn’s position for -a delegation pledged to support the national nominees. “I wouldn’t participate in a slap at Sam Rayburn. back-handed or otherwise,” said W. 0. Cooper of Dallas, one of the co-signers of the-Eckhardt resolution. Rep. Maury Maverick,. Jr., of San Antonio, another cosigner, said : “We offered it as a conservative= liberal resolution ‘honoring. Mr. Ray : burn and avoiding embarassment for him but at the same time providing some semblance of self-respect for everybody in the matter of the new committeeman. .We sat up all hours last night for’ the primarypurpose of avoiding embarassment for Mr. Rayburn.” Eckhardt &said the resolution was intended as “a positive approach, not an attack on anybody.” Bill Rittrell of Dallas said he liked the resolution but JOHNSON PLANS ONE DELEGATION? Whites Quizzed , resolution endorsincr b Ramsey, and asked -him for certification to the national convention of -Young ‘Democrats in Oklahoma City ‘Dec. 1-3. The Johnston Young Democrats wrote Ramsey asking for this certification Oct. 9.. Johnston also wrote Mrs. Hilda Weinert ; Texas national Democratic committeewoman, and George Sandlin, chairman of the Shivers-dominated State Democratic Executive Committee. ‘None answered Johpston’s letter. Sandlin helped arrange the meeting of . the Timanus group laSt week. Certification papers for the Johnston group have been signed by of ficials of the D.A.C.