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ICT Uri INSURANCE COMPANY ICT BUILDING, DALLAS The Week in Texas Waco’s bus strike ended when the city granted the company lower taxes and higher fares for school children and the company granted the drivers a pay increase. Another bus strike now threatens Houston. Forty-eight bus drivers in the Rio 6rande alley are on strike against the t’ allay Transit Company, and the Amalgamated Association of Street, Electric Railway and Motorcoach Employes of America .has demanded it be recognized by the company as bargaining agent for the drivers. Companv officials claim a series of “Port ,-Irtur type strikes” are planned for the Valley. 6Victoria citizens were warned that city bus service will be stopped unless higher fares and lower taxes are granted the Victoria Transit Company. More than 600 telephone workers were on strike in the … Corpus Christi area, awaiting outcome of ne-7 gotiations between Southwestern Bell officials and t Ii e Communications Federal Judge William H. Atwell of Dallas has been asked to determine the rightful owner of ,$43,000 found under a Dallas house by a Corsicana Negro last year. The, widow-of a Dallas junk dealer has also claimed ownership. State Auditor C. IL_ Gayness re ported to the Governor and the Legislature that the Texas prison system is now nearly. half self-supporting -. Income from cotton is the great, est source of prison revenue. The State Highway Commission annOunced it is .willing to accept operation and maintenance responsibility of the Port Aransas Causeway from Aransas Pass to Harbor Island, provided “local interests” will operate, the ferries there as , a free facility. The first three-deck traffic inter change in Texas opened in Waco last week and was dedicated to Robert J. Potts, former Waco and McLennan County civic leader who was the main cog in the $1.5 million project. Governor Shivers appointed Tom Reavlev of Jasper as Secretary of State to replace Al Muldrow, who resigned. _,Central Texas farmers last year decided to resist-more free use of their farmlands . for Army maneuvers from nearby Fort Hood. Last week the Army retaliated, ordered 19,000 men—-about two-thirds of the Hood personnelmoved to Fort Polk, Louisiana.. At Waco, Baylor University Foot . ball Coach George Sauer suspended five players for breaking train ing. And from Houston came an .en-s TYLER A nine-la.wyer investigative board here last week declared closed the matter of John Ben Shepperd’s remarks questioning the impartiality of Judge Lloyd Davidson. Shepperd had demanded an open hearing, brought 13 witnesses hundreds of miles, and . tried to get a court reporter admitted; the kos -yers turned away the witnesses and the reporter and told Shepperd, that any further Publicity . ‘would -bring further pressure on the Court of Criminal Appeals, which was the cause of the hearing. After a session of more than four hours; half of it with ‘Shepperd present, the committee of the East Texas Bar Assn. said that neither it nor any attorney should further “publicize” the case under inquiry. “The committee … finds that no action should be taken. The matter is closed.” Shepperd told newsmen he assumed the two formal and two informal com plaints against him regardd his re marks about Davidson and the court held that ‘104 Duval dorsement of the-action by the .Baptist General Convention of Texas because nightclubbing gridders “have no place on any football team of a Bap- tist school.” University of Texas registrars completed’ their count of students and announced the largest UT enroll . ment in the school’s 72-year. history17,521. Wichita Falls Sheriff Weldon Bailey started an anti-piano crusade in the town’s taverns, declaring that piano music where beer is served up attracts mostly “dope addicts and other undeSirables.” Two taverns stopped the music: A former state game department employee, John E. Hearn of Co tulla, was indicted in -Austin. on a charge . of theft of state fundsspe cifically, that he _ pocketed bounty money the state paystrappers for coy-. ote kills. At Amarillo, Mrs. Alta Campbell, former Potter County deputy clerk,’was found guilty and sentenced to two years in the penitentiary on charges of misapplication of cdunty funds. The operator of “Hattie’s,” long time house of -ill fame on Aus.tin’s -San Antonio highway,announced her retirement from the profession as she entered Travis County Jail under a 23-day. sentence. The charge: operating a bawdy house. Another Austin zvornan. accused of operating a bawdy house, Peggy Stephenson. Bryant ., was temporarily freed front county jailWhere She was serving a contempt of court sentence when. the Supreme Court granted all application for writ of habeas corpus. A criini!lai -Y,;ii.bidictrnint against a 24-year-old Church . of Christ tpreacher in Mission was quashed by a Special judge in Edinburgh. The preacher was. charged with circulating a phony oath purportedly taken by the ‘Knights of Columbus. A Knights official brought suit. Defense attorneys argued that no individual member, could have been libeled by the circulation:of the spurious oath. In ,Austin, former Land Commissioner Bascom Giles appealed the first of his convictions on charges growing out of the veterans’ land scandal. Submission to the Court of Criminal Appeals will probably be set in January. District Attorney Les Procter arr nounced in Austin he wouldn’t be able to bring Brady land dealer B. R. Sheffield to trial on veterans’ land -scandal charges .until after the first of the year. County indictments he had helped obtain had been delivered by an improperly empaneled grand jury. Shepperd wanted an open hearing so he could defend his statements about the criminal court, but the .committee felt the point of the investigation was to evaluate Shepperd’s’ remarks about Davidson in the light of legal ethics, not the court’s conduct.’ Shepperd` hinted he had “amazing information”, about the matter, and the committee told him behind the closed doors that in that case, the proper action would be an action 16 disqualify the court. Councils Coalesce DALLAS Ross Carlton, president of the Citizens’ Council of Dallas, said here that delegates from citizens’ councils in East and South Texas will meet here Nov. 11 4o form a state organization. The Texas Observer Page 8 Nov. 2, 1955 Brammer Resigns Joins Johnson’s Staff AUSTIN Bill Brammer, associate editor of The _Texas Observer and one of the state’s best journalistic stylists, be .came associated with Senator Lyndon Johnson’s staff Nov. 1: He and his family will .move to Washington in December. Brammer joined the Observer in April. He attended the University of Texas and graduatedfrOm North. Texas State College. He was sports editor of the Denton Record Chronicle, sports writer . on the Corpus Christi Caller-Tithes, and staff writer at the. Austin American Statesnian. He won-the latter .newspaper’s writing award in 1952 and the next year won first place for sports features.. and third for news features in the*TeXas Associated Press Managing . Editors Contest. He is’.26.. His major. stories for the Observer included -series,. Ilan political hucksters’ in Texas and the financial policies., of Jesse James, the State Treasurer, and character studies of .politiciansjohn White, Ralph Yarborough, Wright Morrow, John Ben Shepperd, and Reuben Senterfittand of journalists Hubert Mewhinney of the Houston Post and Paul Crutne of the Dallas News. Readers will rtcall his columns, his report on the lobby-paid flight of twelve legislators to the horse races in Kentucky, his interview with Tom Reagan, the anti-Negro San Antonio policeman, and his stories from the “Giant” movie set at Marfa. He thinks his best work was the Mewhinney sketch -and a story from Rusk on the firing of three Negroes for signing a petition asking for school integration. Brammer is married, and they -have two little girls. ‘BOW’, WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Represents ICTThe Company Owned by Union Members We are liberals. We can write insurance ‘for Observer readers anywhere in the State. Call us collect at 2-0545 in Austin. ‘S “Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax” SHEPPERD CASE ‘CLOSED’