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Bartlett Appears Exelnsivelp in The Texas Observer LIBERALISM ADMIRED Let those flatter who fear, it is not an American art. JEFFERSON Jae isciar34 21iviJion An important statistical study reyiewed iii this issue, establishes that: Texas Mexicans finish only three or four grades of school on the average; They earn less than half what the average Texan earns; Half of our Latin-American citizens live in houses with no piped running water, and two-thirds have no inside flushing toilets; The footsoldiers of Texas politics may now retire from the arena de uerre as the generals have decided there will be no war. Sorehead iviorrowites ! Bickering idealists ! Bloodthirsty leftists ! Begone ! An entente cordiale has been signed. ‘Aye, there are some barrel :snipes who call the pact a sorry mixture of befouled principles and inflated po, litical egos. There are some who say the Senator and the Governor are too close for two so far apart in Zooting nc1.3 Money is the arbiter of almost, everything in the AmeriZ:an culture, including who gets an education. The University of Texas has decided to give entrance tests to limit enrollment. The cut-off point, President Wilson announces, will vary “with the number and qualifications Of applicants and with the number to be admitted at any one time.” In other words, the controlling factor is not the student’s ability to benefit from college, but the college’s ability to pay for the benefits. Our dear legislators sleep -.well at night, as they have saved Texas industry from the inroads of the wild spenders ; corporate bank balances are higher, even if individuals’ hopes and talents are truncated at the end of high school because the richest state in the richest nation in the world couldn’t allocate enough of its money to its youth. Any real American, especially if he is first of all a “loyal Texan,” knows that human liabilities are a small cost to pay for bank credits, especially if he can get his hands on some of the credits. .A go od 1/11.1 Governor Shivers has a bit part in “Lucy Gallant,” a Hollywood movie. He plays Governor Shivers. He is well qualified for the role. October 19, 1955 Incorporating The State Observer, combined with The East Texas Democrat Ronnie Dugger, Editor and General Manager Bill Brammer, Associate Editor Sarah Payne, Office Manager Published once a week from Austin, Texas. Delivered postage prepaid $4 per annum. Advertising rates available on request. Extra copies 10c each. Quantity orders available. Entered as second-class matter April 26, 1937, at the Post Office at Austin, Texas, under. the act of March 3, 1879. We will serve no group or party but will. hew hard to the truth as we find it and the eight as we see it. We are dedicated to the whole truth, to human values above all interests, to the rights of man as the foundation of democracy; we will take orders from none but our own conscience, and never will we overlook or misrepresent the truth to serve the interests of the powerful or cater to the ignoble in the human spirit. Comparable conditions pr e v a i 1 among Texas Negroes. This is the shame of a state dedicated to the American proposition that all men should have an equal chance in life. It is also the shame of our political life that our politicians are too cowardly to talk about it. avowed beliefs. There are those who say the Senator and the Speaker to care less for the modernizing of their own State government than they do for their leadership in Washington. There are even those who say the liberals of Texas are being sold down the river again. But they are merely soldiers, and who will hear their voices in their .tents at night ? History is the story of great men, Carlyle said, and only . occasionally do little men make it, as at the Alamno. We’ve made it ! At last, after months of work and hope, the Observer is the subject of a scornful editorial in the report-to-the-stockholder columns of the oldest business institution in Texas, the Dallas News. In a fatherly mood,’ an old gentleman writes to us “young men” that we are “youthful progressives” who are ” ‘kept’ by fat-cat liberals.” Why he chose the word, kept, and then put it in quotation marks, is beyond us, unless it just forced its way resentfully out of nis suppressed vocabulary. Could we meet this wizened old gentleman we might venture to ask him if he has ever had an editorial suggested or vetoed by the this might be too much of a shock for his carefully balanced nervous system. Juveniles must be respectful. 3he 2loggerei corner When a man of some renown is selected for the crown but receives the people’s frown, never let it get you down if he’s backed by Herman Brown. Staff Correspondents: Bob Bray, Galveston; Anne Chambers, Corpus Christi; Ramon elarces, Laredo ; Clyde Johnson, Corsicana ; Mike Mistovich, Bryan ; Jack Morgan, Port Arthur; and reporters in Dallas, Houston, Beaumont, El Paso, Crystal City, and Big Spring. Staff Contributors : Leonard Burress, Deep East Texas ; Minnie Fisher Cunningham, New Waverley, Bruce Cutler, Austin ; Edwin Sue Goree, Burnet ; John Igo, San Antonio ; Franklin Jones, Marshall ; George Jones, Washington, D.C.: J. Henry Martindale, Lockhart; Dan Strawn, Kenedy ; Jack Summerfield, Austin ; and others. Staff cartoonist: Don Bartlett, Austin. Cartoonists : Neil Caldwell, Austin ; Bob Eckhardt, Houston ; Etta Hulme, Austin. MAILING ADDRESS: Drawer F. Capitol Station, Austin, Texas. EDITORIAL AND BUSINESS OFFICE: 504 West 24th St., Austin, Texas. Phone 7-0746. HOUSTON OFFICE: 2501 Crawford St., Houston, Texas \(Mrs. R. D. Randolph, director, subSenator Johnson’s office staff is circulating an essay in a Canadian magazine, “The Leadership of Lyndon Johnson,” by Max Freedman. Freedman makes the points that no one could match Johnson’s skill in or ,* ganizing the Senate to censure Senator.. McCarthy ; that the . Democratic Congress passed 275 bills in 81 days under his leadership; that the Democratic Party, after “mutterings that he had moved too far from his allegiance 40 the adventurous liberalism which had marked his early years in Congress began to understand that one day would make him a presidential candidate.” “Without unity, the Democrats would have been unable to establish -.. says; “and without Senator Lyndon Johnson, there would have been no unity.'” These things are of course perceptive and true. But Ffeedman is thinking of the Aknerican government, and a senator must think also of his State Government, especially when it is in far, far worse shape.’ The appointment of Ben Ramsey as Texas Democratic National ComMitteeman, in fine, strengthens the hand of the corporate interests that have long deprived Texans of a State government devoted to the people. There are eight million people ill Texas, and at this point, the problems of State government are quite as serious to them as the domestic problems of the American government. Until Senator Johnson and Speaker Rayburn display more concern for the policy problems that are really close to homethe slums, the anti-labor laws, the sales taxes, and the basic conditions of political depravity which perpetuate. themthey will have to reconcile themselves to the fact that liberals Spurious Harmony By Countryside and Town NEW WAVERLY “The mountain labored and brought forth a mouse.” When I read that in McGuf fey’s Reader \(or wherever it prehension of what it meant. Today I have at least an inkling that something had come under the author’s observation similar to the meeting of the Democratic Committee in Texas the other day. That was one dark clay for Texas and for the National Democratic Party. If only those political “mountains” of ours, those high peaks of political leadership in the state and the nation, had laid the record of the Governor; openly adorned with land and insurance scandals, alongside the record of the Lieutenant Governor, issue by issue they would have seen how the two complement each other. How could they be so blind as to speak of “harmony” in connection with the leadership accorded these two men? Is it true, as has been said, that our leaders have no understanding that the deep rift in Democratic Party politics in our state has as its cause the issue of political integrity ? Do they not realize that they cannot bind the voters of Texasnot even their intimate, devoted, disinterested friendsin a spurious harmony whose le l acership is frankly cynical and flippantly, flagrantly .defiant of the people? speaking \(over a suph e Austin Meeting gives the nod to Ben Ramsey as the ‘harmony’ candidate for Governor of Texas in 1956. But he should not forget that hot on the back of his neck is the breath of the Governor, And double. crossing, cross filing , he is himself good al those things.” M.F.C. 5he eCJeal Texas Obstrurr … But Only From Afar; Lyndon and Mr. Sam Compromise at Home AUSTIN who admire their work in Washington will not toady to them when they com promiseliberalism at home. R. D.