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The county has a higher proportion of Negroes than any other. in Texas. It provided an ideal setting for a Citizens’ Council rally. For ‘several days preceding the ‘meeting; the Marshall News-Messenger carried front page stories inviting the public to the rally. On the morning of the meeting, the Messenger ran a picture of Dr. B. E. Masters, the principal speaker, on page one, and the accompanying -story began : “A call for every white person in Harrison County who wants to retain segregation in the public schools has been sounded for 7:30 p.m. Monday on, the courthouse square.” The crowd, which eventually num implication the election Of a Republican President that year.” He “does not have nor .deserve the support of the Democrats of Texas for an appointment to such a . responsible party position,” she said. To establish Ramsey’s attitude toward the Democratic Advisory Council’s organizational work, the Observer called him at San Augustine. Of the D.A.0 he said: “I don’t know what they’ve been do-. ing and have not attended any of their meetings or anything. My understanding is they were set up because the National Committee didn’t recognize Morrow. If they recognize me, and I feel reasonably sure they will, well, under the circumstances …” –But Ramsey did not go on to finish this point. He said instead: “I have no objection to their going on and doing their work, it would just be additional, but not knowing about it I won’t express an opinion about whether it’s necessary or not.” \(The D.A.C. meets Nov. 5 in Waco to select a new chairman to replace James Sewell of Corsicana. Rayburn will speak at a dinner after this meeting, as well as at a dinner Oct. 27 in Fort Worth in his honor. D.A.C. has scheduled several other money-raising affairs in Asked if he anticipated any conflict with Shivers because of the Governor’s inflexible -opposition to Stevenson, even -if he is the party nominee, Rain,sey said: can’t testify for Governor Shivers. I just said I was going to support the nominees.” He told a wire service last week: “My only purpose is to help in getting the best man for Democratic nominee and to assist in electing him president.” RAMSEY as committeeman is a coftp_both for Shivers anti Johnson. Shivers is said to have favored JURY UNDECIDED GEORGETOWN A jury divided seven to five for conviction could not agree and District judge D. B. Wood declared a,mistrial here Saturday in an action against Cletus P. Ernster. Ernster was being tried’on a charge of falsely representing a written instrumentan application of a Negro veteran, Dan King, to buy land under the veterans’ land program. King said Ernster told him-he could sign up for “some free land from the state.” Ernster denied it. Ernster is one of 21 people indicted in the landscandals. There’ .are 55 other indictments against him. Only he and Bascom Giles have been brought to trial. THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 5 October 12, 1955 bered 800, began gathering at 6:30, and a half hour later a five-piece band of teen-age boys began playing. A large platform was set up on one side of the square, and an area roped off. There was an American flag on one side of the platforma Confederate flag on the other. A dozen women sat at six card tables on the platform and accepted money in return for a membership card. At 7 :30 the, band played “The Star Spangled Banner.” Eric Littlejohn, the master of ceremonies, is about five feet three and comes from an old Marshall family. He read a telegram from Dr. H. D. Bruce, president , of East Texas Baptist College, who had been scheduled to give the invocation. “I am with’ you in your noble pur Congressman Joe Kilgore of McAllen, but 5Kilgore bowed to Speaker Sam Rayburn’s disapproval. Even so,. Ramsey’s selection again gives Shivers, . a political comrade on the Democratic National Committee \(assuming Ram-_ sey will be accepted at the November -meeting in Chicago>, and Shivers may have a better chance of carrying the state convention next May. In addition, Johnson and Ramsey are old friends, add both have been beneficiaries of the political largess of the Brown. brothers. It therefore stands to reason that if Johnson wants a favor or two of Ramsey at the .Chicago Democratic convention next year, he will get it. Ratiiseywas one of Johnson’s first visitors after his return to Texas this summer. Rayburn, .on the other .hand, had told friends he preferred no new cornrnitteeman until one could be elected at the May convention. Had’ the man selected been a non-regular Democrat, Rayburn would have had a good basis on which to oppose him. But Ramsey met the regularity specification, and in additiOn Rayburn is indebted to the._ Lieutenant Governor for guarding his dominantly rural congressional district-aga . inst .’ a legislative re-distriCting to include a part of :Republican Dallas. The Speaker would have been hard Erect it in one afternoon Easy to follow instructions Modern design Architecturally approved Lasts as long as your home pressed to reject the Lieutenant Governor under the circumstances. It took just ten minutes for the executive committee to accept a subcommittee’s nomination of Ramsey. A. motion that the nominations cease and Ramsey be elected unanimously Was objected to by one committee member, but Sandlin proceeded to take a vote. Half a dozen hold-outs shouted no, perhaps still nursing re sentment at the recent ouster of Wright Morrow of Houston. A television cameraman’s film ran out just as chairman ” Geofge Sandlin took the vote, so along toward noon they restaged the thing to help sate the appetite of the galloping new public playhouse. Even then, a few sang out their nays. They were whistling in the wind: Sam Houston Johnson, Lyndon Johnson’s brother, had phoned Ramsey that morning before the meeting began to tell him it was all arranged. Sandlin announced after a closed session that the committee had decided on a drive of more than 3,000,000 poll tax sales for 1956. The registration in 1954 was , 2,800,000. Sandlin later amended the goal to 3,500,000. The committee also decided the state con vention will be held in Dallas May 22. R.D. You can order from your local dealer or mail your order direct to us for immediate shipment from the factory. MASTERS, former president of Kilgore Junior College, and chief organizer of the councils in Texas, congratulated them for. assembling. “It proves you love your children,” he said. “It proves you are -thinking of posterity and of maintaining our way, or life . . . . As for me, I love My, country.” He compared the meeting to the assembly of patriots in the American revolution. “They told them they didn’t have a .. chance to whip Britain, but they did.” Then Masters said’ rather abruptly: “Our race -has been condemned to death by the Supreme Court.” He denounced the N.A.A.C.P. as .Communist-inspired and dominated, andthis brought applause. “They tell the Negroes to hate the only friends they, ever had, the Southern people,” he said. . .He cited the-success of the Citizens’ Council in Kilgore in these terms : “Why, before we formed over there they were signing integration petitions. After we got organized one of the old-fashioned Negroes told.ine, he said, ‘Boss, you done taught our niggers how to do better. They’re gonna be better niggers now.’ ” At no time in his talk did Masters lay down the methods of the ou-ncil.. He did say: “We know that they are not a thrifty race. They must get along with us because they are not economically independent If we put up a solid white front’ we will win the battle.” \(At Orange Masters had said “ecoHe denounced preachers, teachers, and politicians for advocating integration. Of preachers, he said, “As long as they think that way they are the ones who need to get religion.” After his hour’s oration, Masters shook hands with the many who rushed to him, among whom was State Rep. Reagan Huffman. SAM RAYBURN Speaker, U.S. House of Representatives Thursday, October27, 1955, at 7 p.m. EXHIBIT BUILDING WILL ROGERS MEMORIAL CENTER Crestline Road FORT _WORTH, TEXAS Contribution and Dinner $5.00 For reservations, make check pay able to THE SAM RAYBURN DINNER, and mail to . 209 Insur ance Building, Fort Worth 2, Texas. FOrtune 6928. FAnnin 9936 pose,” Dr. Bruce Wired. The Rev. S. T. Taylor of Scottsville, a Baptist, gave the invocation instead, asking God to be With the speaker: “May he lay on our hearts the truth we ‘ need to know.” Littlejohn introduced the directors of the Marshall councilR. R. C. Hargroves, bank cashier ; J. B. Furrh, bank ‘president ; J. C. Underwood, retired lawyer and rancher ; George = Prendergast, banker ; L. C. Martin, manager of an oil mill ; Cecil Keys; lumberman, and R. `A. Tompkins, former mayor of Waskom, Texas. Roby Keys, shop employee. of the Texas and Pacific Railroad, had oh= tamed 2,000 signatures on a petition supporting the Council, it was announced. Ramsey Named Committeeman SAVE Do-It-Yourself CHILDERS 111ANUFACTURINt CO. 3620 W. 11 the Street HOUSTON 8, TEXAS You are cordially invited by the Tarrant County Democrats and the ik Rayburn Library Foundation to attend a Texas Testimonial Dinner honoring rs