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Johnson finally found Vent -Sanford’s cheery, mustachioed countenance in 98th District Court last week, but all Johnson’s attorney got from Sanford was the amiable announcement that he didn’t have what they were looking for. . Johnson and his attorney, Bill Yelderman, wanted to peer at the records of the Texas Press Association, of which Sanford is general manager. They hoped to find how much political advertising was placed by T.P.A. for Lieutenant Governor Ben Ramsey in last summer’s Democratic primary. . Sanford said he didn’t have the recordsthat they were destroyed “at least” six months after the election. Johnson was unhappy about this. He said itwas more than he could take and -Warned that he would get to the records even if he had. to.. subpoena C4441ti the files of every neWs paper col -17 ti ‘nected with TY, A. The press, asso, eiation handles, advertising for a reported 99 dailies and 550 weeklies in Texas. . Johnson, w h o was defeated by Ben Ramsey in last summer’s race, thinks the Texas Election Code governing campaign .expenditures has been. violated by Ramsey, or T.P.A., or both. He has filed suit against T.P.A., asking for $31,700 damages. He has announced his anticipation of instituting a suit against Ramsey “grOwing out. of unreported campaign expenditures.” Johnson claims T:P.A. spent .$12,7, 100 for newspaper ads last summer in behalf of Ramsey’s candidacy. Ramsey has reported $195 expended for ad -vertising through .T.P.A. ALTHOUGH a suit would test the constitutionality of por.tions. of the election code and Ton:464ms of …varying -inclinations are wat -Oung closely, last week’s threehot ; ~deposr> ~o ; taking WaSi_a Subdued.; .thoronghly undramatic Only 7, three newsmen showed UP ., none from. any of the major news agencies:, There Were about five interested: onlookers, and one of these . was Johnson._ Opposing Yelderman were Everett ‘Looney and Senator Ottis Lock, attorneys for Sanford and T.P.A. Court Reporter Henry Beck warnedSanford that he was under Erect it in one afternoon Easy to follow instructions Moderh’clesign Architecturally approved Lasts as long as your home oath and what he said could be held against him. Sanford, dapper and smiling, had arrived with a stack of documents, reference books, and papers from T.P.A.”just about everything they might want:” It soon becarne obvious that the main thing Johnson wanted .wasn’t there, however: Yelderman presented s as exhibits two photostats of T.P.A.’s standard advertising insertion orders. Both were ads for Ramsey, one two columns by five inches, the other one column by 16 inches. “This is the standard T.P.A. form ?” asked Yelderman. “It appears to be, sir,” said Sanford. “And they were sent out to all newspapers represented by T.P:A. ? It was sent to all of .them?” “I’m not positive,” said’ Sanford. “Sometimes and frequently is waseasier for us to make an order to all and then send to only certain ones.”… “Then T.P.A. has the available records . as to which newspapers the ads were sent ?” asked Yelderman. “No sir,” said Sanford.’ “We’ve cleared’ the accounts. They’re paid off, Usually three six months.later. We clear all our records out except for a checkoff sheet.’ “Yoll.’Mean you have op checkoff lists either ?” “Wei .haVe nd . lists. No itemized lists after six months .” “You knew,” said Yelderman, “that T.P.A. was being sued six months ago.” Sanford reiterated that the T.P.A. records for May, June, July, and AuguSt of 1954 had been destroyed. Asked if he could recall roughly how many newspapers received the ads; Sanford said he couldn’t, but acknowledged that ad matrices . for 99 dailies-=and 550′ weeklies had been preparedSHe said it was doubtful if that Many were sent ;o0t. WHO-ASKED YOU to . these ad mats ?” asked . yetdeiman: Sanford hesitated.. “Was it Ramsey?” “I don’t recall.” “Was it .Crawford Martin \(Ram”I just don’t remember.” You can order from your local dealer or mail your order direct to us for immediate shipment from the factory. “‘Was it anyone from Ramsey’s campaign staff ?” don’t recall,” said Sanford. Sanford also said he could not recall who paid for the Ramsey ads, although he didn’t think it was Ramsey. Yelderman had some difficulty, in getting the word “destroyed” into the record. “Is it your testimony that these billing records were destroyed?” he asked.. “E.4.,sry six months . “Just answer were they destroyed ?” “We don’t save tear sheets and bills.” \\’e ‘re they destroyed ? Did von build a bonfire right in the office ?’ “They were destroyed,” said ‘Sanford wearily. YELDERMAN tried to get Sanford to make a guess at the number of newspapers receiving the ads. “Yoit carne to my office last Janu ary to talk about this and didn’t you tell me then you thought it went to more than 450 weeklies ?” Looney objected to this,. pointing out that only two persons were present at the meeting and what was said would be hearsay. “Just answer the question, .please,” said Yelderman. “I don’t recall ever giving you any, estimate,” said Sanford. “I can’t re’4 , call.” At another point Yelderman.asked: “In pa f rticular, when did” you destroy, the file on Ben Ramsey?” “I haven’t destroyed any file,” said Sanford.. “We don’t destroy anything .. . We just toss ’em in the wastebasketfile ’em thereafter six months.” “Wasn’t that file destroyed since you received the notice of this deposition?” “N6,” said Sanford. B.B. ‘BOW’ WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Represents ICTThe Company Owned ‘by Union Members We are liberals. We can write insurance for Observer readers anywhere in the State. Call us collect at 2-0545 in Austin. “Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax” RECORDS GONE Sanford Says the Files on Ramsey Ads Were Destroyed; Hopeful Litigant Is Crushed, Won’t Give Up CHILDERS MANUFACTURING CO. 3620 W. 11th Street HOUSTON 8, TEXAS THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page Sept. 21, -1955