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ICT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY ICT BUILDING DALLAS THE WEEK IN TEXAS Heavy rains triggered by a tropical storm in the Gulf flooded parts of previously drouthy South Texas and the Coastal bend region. Up to 16 inches fell in some sections; ,flood waters ranged from several inches to several feet. In Corpus Christi, the high tides and a 16 inch rainfall caused an evacuation of the North Beach section. In Raymondville, more than 600 persons were moved out of a residential area four feet under water. Farmers were looking forward to good fall planting, but Agriculture Commissioner John White said water erosion mat be extensive. A fire at Clarksville destroyed every businesss house on the south side of the square. The loss: $150,000. At Stonewall, in the Hill Country, Senator Lyndon Johnson said he believes he will be recovered from his heart attack in time to return to his majority leader job in the Senate in January. OAn eight-year-old fished an old bot tleout of the San Jacinto River, pulled a note from inside, and read: “Oct. 10, 1943. Fourteenth day in a lifeboat …. Ate my buddy yesterday …” There was also a Houston telephone number. The author was Curtis C. Wilson, the suspended mail clerk who hit a snag with the government this summer because of a letter he wrote to a newspaper criticizing Governor Shivers. He put the note in the bottle several years ago. .. OThe Republican lieutenant governor of Ohio, John W. Brown, called on Governor Shivers, asked him to support Eisenhower again next year. ib Congressman W. R. Poage of Waco returned to the U.S. from Europe and said he’s convinced the Russians have blacklisted him. He said he was denied a passport to Russia, although a number of his colleagues were admitted. He said it resulted from a speech he made critical of Russia. OCongressman Homer Thornberry at Austin said that President Eisenhower must share the success of the Ge representatives of the U.S. government. The government was concerned with enforcing a presidential order against awarding government contracts to plants where employment discrimination exists. Shell’s oil and petrochemical plants have several. big government contracts. In the past, the Shell plants had two categories in which employes were placed when first hireda “Labor Dewas so he promotional opportunity within the framework of the Labor Department, but the Negroes were never allowed to bid upward for higher paying jobs in other departments. The new agreement abolishes the Labor Department as such and makes it a job classification. Openings hereafter in Daniel indicated in an interview with the Observer that he would resign his Senate seat should he decide to stand for election as governor. He apparently has not made up his mind about running yet. In October he will be conducting a narcotics investigation in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, and Fort Worth, and he is expected to make his decision after that trip. Yarborough has not announced but he is campaigning to some extent now. He has predicted that the Democrats will nominate a “true-blue Democrat .. tested in the fire of combat.” Alva Sanders, a Dallas public accountant, has announced the formation of a Morrow for Governor club. Phillips last week said he will renew his efforts to get a presidential primary bill passed. Phillips also urged several state-operated charity hospitals and full operation of the only present one, John Sealy Hospital at THE TEXAS OBSERVER Page 8 September 14, 1955 neva Conference with Democratic leaders in the 84th Congress, who gave him tinqualified support. He also called the Eisenhower farm price program “no less than shameful.” OIn Chicago Harry Truman mentioned there were ten Democratic governors who would make good presidential candidates. Asked about Governor Shivers of Texas, Truman replied: “He’s no Democrat. He’s. a Shivercrat.” Labor unrest in the Gulf Coast area erupted again. Someone fired several bullets and threw bricks through the windows of a Galveston union office. Recent labor strife has included a murder and the bombing of a union hall and a business agent’s home, OAttorney General John Ben Shepperd .won a case for the State when a district judge in Brownsville ruled that the boundary between “undersea” land owned by the State and adjoining land privately owned N the highest tideline. Many thousands of acres of coastal land under water at some time during the year will be affected. OThe publisher of the Paris News, A. N. M. after a heart attack. OAt Marshall, Mrs. W. M. Blalock widow of one noted political figure and mother of another, died at her home at age 93, Her late husband was elected to the Legislature four times. One son, the late Myron Blalock, was an intimate of presidents and a Democratic national committeeman from Texas. OA three per cent drop in Texas farm income was reported by the University of Texas Bureau of Business Research. OA Duval County criminal case in volving the slaying of Jacob S. Floyd Jr., has been transferred to Angelina County. The defendant is Juan Barrera, indicted for perjury by the grand jury investigating the Floyd killing. Barrera has also been indicted in connection with ,misappropriation of funds in Duval. the general helper classification will be posted for bid like all other jobs and will be filled on the basis of plant seniority. “New employees of all races will be assigned to this classification and thereafter will bid upward in a routine manner,” an official said. Early in 1954 a group of Negro employees filed a lawsuit against the local and the international union charging that the union was not giving the Negroes equal representation. In 1955 agroup of Negroes filed a complaint before the President’s Committee on Government Contracts, claiming that the company was practicing discrimination in its promotional practices. On Aug. 2, at a meeting of 500 of the local’s members in Pasadena, the new agreement was discussed and unanimously endorsed. Galveston. The mid-August poll was takers before Hart made his major speech in Henderson on his “ideas and ideals,” before 5,000 people turned out for Phillips’s “appreciation day” in Galveston Sept. 1, and before White advanced his proposal for a’ presidential primary. A “Texans for John White” club was formed in Austin Saturday after White supporters met with him here. Two White backers, Rayburn Bell of Paris and Brown Bailey of Midland, said that White “didn’t say yes . , and didn’t say no” when they asked him if he would run. They talked with him more than an hour. Bell told reporters in the Capitol: “He said he was busy now being Commissioner of Agriculture, that he had a lot of work ahead of him, such as a big sweet potato inspection program, and that he was flattered that we were interested in his becoming a candidate for governor,” Sentertitt announced that friends at San Saba will give him a barbecue there Sept. 20. OThe Dallas Morning News, noting editorially the ranking of 30th given Texas’s school system by the National Education Association and United States Office of Education, suspected that “the object of all such surveys is to propagandize for federal aid to education.” OA former Internal Revenue Service . official, Edgar E. Hoppe of Dallas, is suing the government for $26,000 in back pay. He claims he was fired in 1953 for refusing to “whitewash” an unfavorable character report on a key figure in the tax collection service. Hoppe was a Republican-appointed veteran of 24 years in the service. OGalveston Mayor George Roy Clough lit into Police and Fire Commissioner Walter Johnston and won out. Clough charged Johnston with protecting and tipping off bawdy houses on the isle, demanded the use of several policemen for his own investigations. Johnston said it ,was all false, but Clough got his policemen. OClough also claimed during the week that a state representative had talked to him for three hours one afternoon “trying to get me to open up the town to the slot machines.” He didn’t identify the representative. ‘fb Dallas’s new public library opened last week. The six-floor, contemporary styled structure has room for 800,000’ books, although the library owns only 300,000 books at present. OWest Texas farmers were assured by state and federal authorities that sufficient labor will be available to harvest their cotton crops, If domestic labor runs short, Mexican nationals will be imported. . In Houston, the practice of hiring state representatives at big fees as appraisers for the commissioners court was dropped after a reorganization of Harris County’s right-of-way department was authorized. OThe Railroad Commission in Austin granted a request by the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad to discontinue one passenger train each way daily between Dallas and Fort Worth, ‘BOW’ WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Represents ICT The Company Owned by Union Members We are liberals. We can write insurance for Observer readers anywhere in the State. Call us collect at 2-0545 in Austin. “Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax” Union Bans Discrimination Belden Handicaps the Races