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Warne Address City State Page 7 April 11, 1955 THE TEXAS OBSERVER Integration, 45 Against AUSTIN If the Belden Poll is correct. 49 percent of Texas people think schools should be racially integrated and 45 percent think the law should be evaded or disobeyed in light of the Supreme Court decision holding segregated schools are unconstitutional. Belden did not report in the word text of his report on the poll that a majority of the people expressing an opinion favor going along with the law, although his statistics show that this was the conclusion of his poll. An earlier Belden poll that is cited in the Texas brief to the Supreme Court urging gradual integration if Texas is to be “cornpelled” to accept it gave somewhat different figures. It said that 71 percent did not approve of the May 17 court decision and 65 percent favored continued school segregation. Belden concluded from his latest poll of 1,000 adults, including Negroes and whites “in their correct proportions,” that “… even a desegregation would find almost one-half of the people in a somewhat rebellious frame of mind.” Belden asked the people polled to imagine that they were on a ‘ school board, and “they asked you to give your frank opinion.” He asked which of four statements came closest “to the way you feel about it.” The statements, with the response of all persons polled, Negroes, Latins, and other whites, respectively, after each statement: “Keep the races separate even if I have to disobey the law” \(19, 12, “Find a way to keep the races separate by getting around the “Begin mixing the races gradually, starting where there is least opposition” \(35, 30, 46, and 34 pery the fa -V,ieven if I have to let all races go to the same schools His latest poll also concluded that 61 percent believe that white and Negro children between the ages of six and twelve would get along together very well or fairly well if sent to the same school, but that 70 percent believe older children of the two races would not get along together so well. Belden concludes with the editorial comment: “Perhaps the greatest duty will fall on the state’s political leadership: to guide the public toward the best possible solutions with full regard for the supreme law of the land.” Arguments on school desegregation are proceeding this week in the Supreme Court. Attorney General John Ben Shepperd said before leaving for Washington that would argue that the court “go slow in putting any decree into effect, recognizing that the decision may backlash.” Texans can make moral decisions compatible with the Constitution at the local level. Shepperd said. “The Supreme Court cannot be the master school board for the nation,” he said. “It is unrealistic to think that Edwards County, with one schoolage Negro, and Marion County with its 60 per cent Negro school population, may have their different problems solved from Washington or even Austin,” he said. DISCRIMINATION DENIED SAN ANTONIO The City of San Antonio has de !cl charges of unconstitutional ;crimination in an answer to a t resulting from an ordinance regating Negroes and whites in city’s swimming pools. The city tends in its answer that the or ince “was not passed for the pose of discriminating against group, but only as a police sure to prevent breaches of the HOUSTON The loyal Democrats are in control of the Democratic Party machinery in Harris County, but they cannot get the pro-Shivers faction to call a meeting at which the loyalists can exercise their voting majority. Thomas P. Grant, a loyalist and chairman of Precinct 142 in Houston, presented the conservative chairman of the Harris County Democratic Executive Committee with a petition calling for a meeting of the committee April 16. The petition was signed by a majority of the committee membership. Presley Werlein, Jr., pro-Shivers chairman of the committee, has refused to call the meeting. The loyalists maintain that a new secretary should be chosen. Werlein said none is needed. “The committee isn’t even functioning now,” TRUMAN LIBRARY BOOSTED DALLAS Dallas Young Democrats have sent $25 to the Harry Truman Memorial Library fund with a statement from their president, Oscar Mauzy, to former President Truman that “all the good Democrats of Texas take pride in supporting your record of accomplishments.” The library will consist of Truman’s documents, books, records, photographs, mementos, and souvenirs. CLASSIFIED ADS To submit a classified ad, write Drawer F, Capitol Station, Austin. or call 70746. FOR SALE I have a recently whelped specimen of a fashionable breed of dog developed by the genius of a German pound master to be an obedient slave that will serve no one but you, his master, and tear apart your enemies, whether liberal or conservative, and bite your friends slightly when they are abrupt with you. I am reluctant to sell him to anyone but a charitable person, since if he falls into the wrong hands he could be dangerous, but my wife is forcing me to sell, because she says she has to feed him, which is true. In fact, if after he leaves this life he is reborn in human instead of canine form, I am willing to predict that he will be elected to very high office in Texas. Without his ears trimmed, he will grow to look like a black and tan Spanish goat of atypical color symmetry. With his ears trimmed, which is customary among aficionados of the breed and you can’t face them unless you conform. he will look like Satan himself and will scare people without even snarling out of the side of his mouth. a trait characteristic of this breed. I will sell this pup for cash sum to fit the buyer’s pocket \(any sum will fit child’s saddle, record player, Shetland pony, a set of Encyclopedia Americana, Britannica, or EspasaCalpe, or fifty dollars credit in groceries, gas, or other merchandise. Registration papers furnished. Write DOG, The Texas Observer, Drawer F, Capitol Station, Austin. BUTANE TRACTOR KITSVapor conversions for small and medium tractors, only $35. Money order or COD. Install your own. Kit includes regulators, hoses, fittings, instructions ; everything but bottle and bracket. Specify make, model tractor. Satisfaction or money back. R. N. JONES, 3002 Dutton St., Dallas. Help Wanted SEVERAL GIRLS to address, mail postcards. Spare time every week. Write Box 161, Belmont, Mass. WOMEN WANTED. Temporary, six months. Mail postcards. Good handwriting or typewriter. Box 47, Waterton, Mass. STRINGERSThe Texas Observer is building up bank of reliable reporters all over Texas. Professional reporters of an enlightened turn of mind are urged to contact the Editor, The Texas Observer, Drawer F, Capitol Station, Austin. ADVERTISING REPRESENTATIVES If you have some spare time and would like to help The Texas Observer grow, write the Business Manager for advertising solicitation. forms. Percentage of sales can be arranged. The Texas Observer, Drawer F. Capitol Station, Austin. he said. He does not plan to call a meeting until there is another primary. The liberal majority will probably go ahead and meet anyway. The fight started in earnest at a tempestuous meeting of the cornmittee on Feb. 26. Werlein was escorted from the meeting hall by a policeman after he had refused to take a roll call vote on any issue once the first routine roll call showed the liberals were in firm control. W. N. Mosier, a leader ofthe Harris County Democrats, charges that Werlein was high-handed and undemocratic. Mosier says that Werlein would take the floor away from loyalists as soon as they asked for a roll call vote. If the loyalists go ahead and meet without the chairman, Werlein may appeal to the State Democratic Executive Committee, which suggested such a meeting procedure in 1954 when conservatives were asking for a ruling on a similar issue. Since the conservatives are now in the minority, about 142 precincts out of the 253 in Harris County now being held by the liberals, the state committee probably would side with Werlein, precinct chairman Grant believes. “But we have right of appeal to the Democratic National Committee in that case,” Grant said. The majority hopes to have its liberal committees and county delegations set up well in advance of the 1956 elections, Grant said. The petition he presented Werlein calls for a meeting to elect a secretary, adopt by-laws and rules of procedure, and take up any other business that might come up. Attorney Ed Hall is the most recently elected secretary. Brannan To Address Demo Women April 28 DALLAS Former Secretary of Agriculture Charles F. Brannan will be chief speaker and honoree at a luncheon at the Baker Hotel here April 28 sponsored by the Texas Democratic Women’s State Committee. Brannan, chief of the Department of Agriculture under the Truman Administration, is now chief counsel of the National Farmers Union. ADMINISTRATORS TO CONFER AUSTIN One hundred Southwestern educational administrators will meet here April 22-23 to review work of the Southwestern Cooperative Program Educational Administration, a regional study. The topic of the conference is “The Development of Educational Leaders.” Rutherford Reveals `Improper Proposal’ WASHINGTON A Texas Congressman has revealed that he was made “improper, illegal, and unethical proposals” by a lawyer who told him that he, the attorney, would get a fee of $5,000 if a new FHA office is located in El Paso. Rep. J. T. Rutherford said that an unnamed attorney from El Paso who represented persons trying to get the office located there visited him in the office and made the proposals. He said he did not intend to further explain the charge. The lawyer represented George Hervey, El Paso realtor, and others, Rutherford said. The Congressman sent copies of a letter in which he made the charge to the FHA and the Department of Justice. OLON ROGERS CH. 2879 RENT-A-TOOL CO. MOBILE PUBLIC ADDRESS EQUIPMENT COMMERCIAL PAINT SPRAYS SALES RENTALS 1107 QUITMAN HOUSTON Texans Divided In Racial Survey 49 Percent Favor School Houston Demos Argue Loyalists Have a Majority, Conservative Won’t Meet