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January 3, 1955 Page 3 THE TEXAS OBSERV Reds Control China, Should Be Recognized By PAUL HOLCOMB Written for The Texas Observer Since the close of World War II, American Foreign Policy has been tossed about by fears which were generated by domestic political expediency. Decisions made and policies adopted have been based on cal reactions rather than on sound policies of statesmanship. During the Truman-Acheson Administration, wild and utterly irresponsible charges were hurled by Douglas McArthur, Senator McCarthy, and Robert McCormick of the Chicago Tribune, which were tacitly endorsed by the late Senator Robert Taft and the Republican Party; and also endorsed and enlarged upon by Governor James Byrnes, Governor Shivers, and the whole Dixiecrat gang of “Professional Southerners” and “Texas Firsters.” These demagogues were able to generate a tidal wave of fears and suspicions which swept over the country and caused a series of diplomatic blunders which will plague the Nation for years to comeif not forever. Perhaps No Way Out If _”the proof of the pudding is in the eating,” and the wisdom or the folly of a diplomatic policy is to be judged on its success or its failure, a review of policies adopted should show whether or not we have committed a series of “Diplomatic Blunders.” The fact that the Diplomats of the United States and also of the whole “Free World” are forced to struggle with Totalitarian Communism, Predatory Capitalism, Selfish Nationalism and Blind Religious Fanaticism, makes their task extremely difficult, if not entirely impossible. With opposing economic and religious groups engaged in a “Battle Royal” in their mad struggle fOr “World Domination,” which is further complicated by nationalistic ambitions and racial prejudices, it is not unreasonable to assume that NO POSSIBLE POLICY WILL .WORK. In other words: Anything that we mayor may notdo will displease a great majority of the people affected by that policy. Whether we like it or not, the United States of America has been forced into the position of economic leadership of World Capitalism, just as surely as Russia has willingly accepted the position of economic leadership of World Communism. If the United States weakens or falters Capitalism will lose the battle. If Russia weakens or faltersCommunism will lose the battle. Russia charges the United States with being motivated by a mad ambition to establish itself at the head of “World Imperialism.” They have succeeded in shaking the confidence of many of our friends and convincing all of our enemies that we are “Guilty as Charged.” The United States has succeeded \(with the unintentional assistance of RusWorld that Russia is motivated solely by an ambition to establish herself as the head of “Totalitarian Worll Communism.” Each side has dragged up every possible proof their efforts to establish the righteousness of their respective causes. But the basic reason for the struggle lies in “economic inequities” between individuals, nations and peoples. With the Capitalistic World looking to the United States for leadership, this surely is no time for the United States to pursue a vacillating policy, dominated and controlled by its fears. Friends in Ignorance A few examples of building governmental diplomacy on our “FEARS” will illustrate the results of such policies. When World War II ended, the United states had an alleged “monopoly” of the world’s “Atomic Secrets.” Because we had begun to Interpretive Page 3 January 3, 1955 THE TEXAS OBSERVER fear Russia, we decided to set up a system of “Security Measures” and keep this monopoly for ourselves. Let’s just see how this has worked out. The First Result of our decision to keep this “monopoly of Atomic Secrets” was to generate fears and suspicion among the American people. All scientists, all diplomats, all public officials, all educators, and many military men immediately became “suspect.” For the first time in our history, these people were “presumed to be guilty until they proved themselves innocent.” For the first time in our history, the American people were forced to “sign loyalty oaths” in order to obtain or even hold a job. Wild and irresponsible charges have been hurled by United States Senators and Congressmen. State-sponsored “Investigations” and Congressional “Investigations” have been carrying on a “Three Ring Circus,” while the rest of the world looked on in amazement and fear. Has all of this accomplished anything good, for us or the rest of the world? The facts are that the Russians know as much as we do about “nuclear science,” and some of our scientists fear that they know more than we do. It’s true that we have managed to keep our friends in comparative ignorance, but our enemies can count on Russia to give them everything they need. Chiang Kai-Shek had established a military dictatorship over China, and due to the long war between China and Japan, Chiang managed to make himself “the top dog” among Chinese Dictators. Not by the wildest stretch of the imagination could Chiang be classed as believing or practicing “democracy.” He wasand isa Military Dictator, and that’s all that can be made of him. The Chinese revolted against Chiang Kai-Shek. Our fears of Russia prompted us to back this Military Dictator. We gave him three billion dollars’ worth of War materials and food. The Revolutionists took this material way from old Chiang and chased him off the continent of Asia. The Russian Communists seized the opportunity and “converted” the Chinese Revolution into Communism. They later fired these military supplies back at us in Korea. Accomplished Fact When Chiang Kai Shek was chased off the continent of Asia, and the Communists were established in complete control, the British Government recognized this “accomplished fact.” But the United States has stubbornly refused to “recognize” Communist China and los lost the friendship of most of Asia because we insist on following our fears instead of plain common sense. No intelligent leader in any nation on earth would deny that “The Communists Control China.” But the United States Government insists that “Chiang Kai-Chek’s Nationalists” are the rulers of China and has sent our Navy and some of our Army down there to keep the Chinese Communists from chasing Chiang and his army off the island of Formosa. If this makes sense, it is clearly beyond the comprehension of the average man who analyzes the facts. China has rarely if ever had a stable and responsible government since the United States became a Nation. But the Chinese people have been our consistent friends ever since our Nation was established. But now they have become our bitterest enemies, largely because we refuse to “recognize” the strongest government that they have ever had, even though it may in our estimation be the worst government they have ever had. Our fear and hatred of Communism leads us to spend billions in money and risk our national existence in our efforts to combat it. Our futile and unrealistic determination to make China accept Chiang Kai-Shek as its ruler, was of the Korean War. We still have a strong Republican element who want us to go to war against China in order to re-establish the Chinese Nationalist Government. The Russians must love these Republicans, for they know that it would take “All Out War” to subdue China, and this would be an unequaled opportunity for the Russians to subdueand even annihilateus. The policy of “taking counsel from their fears” \(\(which was inthe greatest weakness of the Truman-Acheson Administration. The Eisenhower Dulles Administration has been even more slavish in its following of this policy. Unless these leaders have the courage to rise above their fears, there is little hope that the United States will ever be able to even establish “Peace In Our Time.” Texas at Large … Many people who are now active in censoring books purchased by the San Antonio Library are also leaders in hyper-conservative San Antonio groupsthe Minute Women and the Constitution Party W. A. Turnbull, a member of the Library Board “book committee,” for example, was president of. San Antonio Minute Women. The Texas Observer will have a series ready shortly on the library situation. . Norman Brock, a San Antonio used book seller, displays the following crudely-lettered sign in the front window of his store at 134 West Commerce Street: “I had rather have ‘LOUSY BUSINESS’ under President IKE \(even with PERITY under any Russian Loving, DEAL’ administration … Only with our aid were they able to nearly wreck our country and just about destroy ‘FREEDOM’ throughout the world. Lets wipe the blood off our votes and pledge to ourselves that never again … will we gamble with the lives of our American youth for a few bloody dollars … I still like IKE.” … Dave Cheavens of the AP in Austin asked in a Christmas colDaniel and Shivers to keep party leadership in the hands of the conservatives? Would Shivers try to move his area of operation from Austin to Washington?” Only questions, he added. Two national quickie magazines suggested this might be the case. Daniel has asked voters if they want him to quit the Senate and run for Governor. … 0. B. Lloyd Jr. of Austin’s UP wrote cryptically that one “high-placed Texas Democrat, a leader among the liberal group, voiced belief in a recent off-therecord statement the ultra-liberal, far to the left clique ‘must be purged’ before 1956.” Alternately, Lloyd’s source would “relegate the faction to sideline seats.” … El Paso’s Junior League of Catholic Actioneers, all women, have asked the City Council to censor horror comics. Fort Worth and Houston have passed ordinances attempting to do so. Austin considered it but the City Council is sitting tight. Self-censorship by the industry is under way. On Printing Junk To the Editor: I am very much interested in The Texas Observer .. I was, and am now anxious to see the truth published. Most newspapers print the junk their advertisers desire, and little else. This is a very dangerous source for our Nation to pursue in these trying times. The only way we can beat communism over here is to build for ourselves a better system M. D. WARREN Neuville, Texas On Sitting Ducks To the Editor: .. This second issue is even better than the first, especially editorial “Sitting Ducks.” Also the one on “A Collect Wire.” Our own Senator Jarrard Secrest was among the favored few at the “duck hunt.” He is a Shivercrat. Not pne time during this past election did he raise his voice or use his influence to help the Democrats when we were striving so desperately to elect a DemocratRalph Yarboroughfor Governor. He has made his own political bed with Allan Shivers and his gang of Republican friends and will have to lie on it from here on out. A great many of us don’t want him, nor Price Daniel nor Lyndon Johnson nor John Ben Shepperd. They thought they picked the winning horseand they didfor one round. . I thoroughly enjoyed an ar by a staff reporter … I believe with him that Texas can be the key \(Third of a \(Position on segregation of the Presbyterian Church, U.S. \(SouthRecommendations of the Chris’tian Education Committee: The Synod of Texas affirms that enforced racial segregation is discrimination out of harmony With Christian theology and ethics. The Synod of Texas further affirms that neither the Confession of Faith nor the Book of Church Order of our church, both of which are based on Holy Scripture, recognizes any discrimination on the basis of race. The Synod of Texas calls on the trustees of each of its institutions to study their policies of admission of students and to bring their practices into line with our already existing belief, if necessary. \(Not adopted. No. 3 below exThe Executive Committee of Christian Education is instructed herewith to bring any contrary practices on its part into line with our existing beliefs. Recommendations of the Christian Relations Division of the Executive Committee on Church Extension \(also adopted by the Presbyterian Synod of Texas September That Presbyterians urge each congregation to afford its membership opportunity to study the report “Two Major Issues” concerning Racial Segregation and Communism issued b y Assembly’s Council of Christian Relations. That Synod affirm that enforced segregation of the races is discrimination which is out of harmony with Christian theology and ethics, and that the Church, in its relationship to cultural patterns, should lead rather than follow. state in the ’56 election, and that the State can be ‘carried. for Stevenson, if we start working and planning now. MRS. J. M. JONES, Temple, Texas Santa Decides To the Editor: I have received the first copy of The Texas Observer and I am quite impressed with it. I think it is an honor for our East Texas Democrat to be consolidated with it. …. I am enclosing a Christmas Card which I have received from \(Senator Mike Monroney of Okla” ‘Twas just before Christmasas Ike and the boys Were dreaming that Santawould bring Elephant toys When all through the Houseand the Senate, as well, Came dozens of donkeysto remain for a spell! And this was the cardfor the children . to read ‘I knew what you wanted, but brought what you need!’ John Q. Santa Claus So may your Christmas be joyot and gay ’56 isn’t … so … far … away!” D. C. MITCHELL, Carthage, Texas From Midland To the Editor: I have had time to read and think over the first edition of The Texas Observer. I like it better every time I think about it H. G. ORSON, Midland, Texas