Bob Moser on GRITtv and Liberadio

Don’t miss these two great interviews with Observer editor Bob Moser

Bob was born interested in politics. He was a Reagan supporter when he was twelve, but he’s come a ways since then. Hear him talk about southern politics and more in these two interviews, recorded Monday and Tuesday.

Bob sits in on a panel discussion on GRITtv with Laura Flanders. The topic – Over the Top Obituary Porn? The discussion spans Michael Jackson, Al Franken, Geraldo Rivera, and whether media has hit a new low.

On Liberadio, Bob talks with Mary Mancini about the surprising and hopeful changes in southern political culture, something he’s analyzed with insight and wit in his book Blue Dixie: Awakening the South’s Democratic Majority.

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Published at 2:22 pm CST