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State of the Media: Joining the GOP Circus

by | Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 15:38 CST

Afghanistan: The Truth Leaks – Again

Some critics are more worried about how the Afghanistan war documents got out, instead of what damning news in in them.

I.F. Stone said this almost 50 years ago: “The bureaucracies put out so much that they cannot help letting the truth slip from time to time.” Stone would be...Read More

Controlling the Spill

For Mark Schleifstein, covering the oil tragedy in the Gulf has to be like revisiting a nightmare. In 2002, the veteran, much-honored reporter wrote a definitiv...Read More

Borderline Bias

There is zero question that hellish violence is going on along the border, largely on the Mexican side. It has to be reported—and it often is, by enormously c...Read More

New School Journalism

I was in New York a short while ago at yet another “future of media” conference—with men in bow ties, the tang of cologne and coffee, and a shitload of gl...Read More

No Foundation

When I was reporting years ago in Nicaragua and traveling with a squad of Sandinista soldiers, a weary woman in a village in the middle of a battle zone told me...Read More