Purple Texas

Crazy Hearts

It was October 2008, a few weeks before that epic and tearful night when a non-white man finally got elected president of the United States, when yours truly to...Read More

Woe Unto the Hypocrite

Late in April, beneath the mainstream radar, Rick Perry took his “Please Don’t Elect Me President” road show to the North Texas studios of hellfire-breath...Read More

Run, Rick, Run

It was the strangest thing. Mortifying but illuminating. Like Paul on the road to Damascus, or Donald Trump suddenly realizing he’d been out-Americaned by Bar...Read More

The White-Power Legislature

Back in February, at a rally protesting anti-immigrant legislation, state Rep. Lon Burnam raised some eyebrows by letting loose with the “R” word. “You ar...Read More

The Magical Realm of Texas

...where bluebirds sing and massive budget cuts cause no human suffering.

Shame and despair. Those are, finally, the best words I can conjure. I’ve been sitting at the keyboard for a couple of hours now, straining my brain for some ...Read More

Ramos Calls State Party Chair Racist

Refusing to resign, Bexar Democratic Chairman Dan Ramos reportedly calls Boyd Richie a

Last Friday, it looked like Bexar County’s Democratic chairman, Dan Ramos, had surely committed political suicide. In an interview with the San Antonio Cu...Read More

Get Up, Stand Up

Some liberals love nothing better than a good protest. I’ve never been one of them. Don’t get me wrong: I’ve yelled against plenty of wars and sashayed th...Read More

The Barbara Jordan Cure

I was 12 when I fell for Ronald Reagan. It was the spring of 1976, when the B-actor and A-plus pitchman was mounting his right-wing challenge to the accidental ...Read More

David Barton, Bully for God

Call me a masochist—or just plain weird—but I’m an incurable right-wing radio addict. Maybe I just don’t like being one of those cloistered liberals who...Read More