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The Democrats’ Last Chance to Stop the Budget [Updated]

Both the House and Senate budgets make major cuts to public ed. But those cuts are only possible if they pass new school finance legislation.

Updated May 5, 4:25 p.m.  Don’t let the headlines fool you. While the Senate and House have both passed versions of the budget, the debate is far fro...Read More

David Dewhurst: The Lite Guv Who Spooked Us

In his remarks on the killing of Osama bin Laden, David Dewhurst reminds the presscorps he's not your average politician.

Even in a building of, ahem, unusual individuals, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst stands out. For one thing, he’s about a foot taller than everyone else...Read More

Are Democrats Hoping for a Special Session?

If lawmakers fail to pass a budget this session, they'll have to meet again this summer to finish the task. That may be the outcome some Democrats are hoping for.

For most of this legislative session, there’s been an ongoing joke—”Don’t make plans for July.” Facing an unprecedented budget shortfa...Read More

The Top Redistricting Fight Moments

Members came out of the woodwork Wednesday to fight for their parties—and pieces of turf.

For most of the legislative session, you can forget that there are 150 members in the state House. After all, most of them stay quiet. Most don’t take vis...Read More