Floor Play

Virtual Schools, Virtually Unregulated?

After a technical switch, a virtual school gets around accountability standards

At this point, the Texas Virtual Academy shouldn’t exist.  Under the state’s accountability rules, the school should have been shut down or ove...Read More

Virtual Schools; Not-So-Virtual Loopholes

After failing to meet state standards, the Texas Virtual Academy is supposed to be shut down. So how has the for-profit company running it?

At this point, there shouldn’t be any more Texas Virtual Academy. It should have shut down because it failed to meet state standards two years in a row.&n...Read More

The Free Market Party

The Texas chapter of Americans for Prosperity celebrates Milton Friedman's 99th birthday.

Milton Friedman may have died in 2006, but don’t tell that to the economic conservatives at the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity. To celebrate the fa...Read More