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The More Things Change…

by | Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 14:21 CST

Medicaid Withdrawal Idea Gets Spiked

Report downplays Medicaid opt out, favors 'market' reforms

It’s official: Withdrawing from Medicaid would be a disaster for Texas. That’s the take-home message from a much-anticipated state report released today. A ...Read More

Chet Edwards Ousted from Congress

Anti-incumbent wave too much for veteran Democrat

Chet Edwards’ two-decade career in Congress has come to an end tonight. The result wasn’t a huge surprise, though it is a tremendous loss of seniority for t...Read More

Will Corporate Ads Help Sink Solomon Ortiz?

Drug company front group attacks Democrat over health care bill.

Until recently, Blake Farenthold wasn’t given much of a chance to win his race against Democrat Solomon Ortiz, who’s represented Corpus Christi in Congress ...Read More

The Mystery of the Latino Vote

Latinos vote in high numbers in other states; why not in Texas?

“Why Latinos do not vote in large numbers is one of the mysteries of politics.”  So writes Texas Monthly’s Paul Burka in this pre-Election Day po...Read More