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The More Things Change…

by | Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 14:21 CST

John Bradley to Face Senators on Monday

Controversial chair of the Forensic Science Commission comes before Nominations Committee

On Monday, the state’s most controversial prosecutor will stand trial himself. John Bradley—Williamson County DA and chair of the Texas Forensic Science Com...Read More

Williams Jumps In for Senate

You can officially count Michael Williams in. The Texas Railroad Commissioner—known for his fiery speeches and ever-present bow tie—announced this morning t...Read More

David Dewhurst vs. Reality

David Dewhurst sounded like a bleeding-heart liberal at times during his inaugural speech today on the south steps of the Capitol. In his speech, Dewhurst promi...Read More

The Budget Deficit from Hell

Texas has 4th largest shortfall in the nation

For months the estimates of Texas’ budget deficit kept rising—$11 billion, $18 billion, $20 billion, $24 billion. Each seemed more unfathomable than the one...Read More