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The More Things Change…

by | Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 14:21 CST

John Bradley’s Last Stand

Forensic Science Commission meets today to finalize Willingham-arson inquiry

Updated below The Texas Forensic Science Commission will convene this afternoon for a two-day meeting in Austin. It will mark not only the likely end of John Br...Read More

Aiding the Wrongly Convicted

Bill would expand access to post-conviction DNA testing

The hearing room was packed for yesterday’s Senate Committee on Criminal Justice hearing, and it wasn’t difficult to figure out why. The committee heard one...Read More

Hank Skinner Ruling Has Wider Implications

Supreme Court decision opens new path to DNA testing

The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling this morning in the Hank Skinner case isn’t really about Hank Skinner. The High Court’s decision, by a 6-3 majority, will ...Read More

Bradley Puts On a Show in Senate Committee

Controversial chair of Forensic Science Commission spars with senators in confirmation hearing

Updated below John Bradley doesn’t take crap from anyone. When he’s lording over meetings of the Forensic Science Commission, the man is prickly even during...Read More