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The More Things Change…

by | Thu, Nov 13, 2014 at 14:21 CST

CNN Explores Warren Horinek Case

Anderson Cooper brings fresh scrutiny to alleged wrongful conviction

CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 will air a report tonight on the controversial case of Warren Horinek—a former Fort Worth police officer convicted in 1996 of murd...Read More

Greenest Lawns in Town

Texas is suffering through one of its worst droughts; the previous 12 months were the hottest and driest ever recorded in the state. But some Texans don’t see...Read More

The Rick Perry Roadshow

Gov. Rick Perry has run the most disastrous campaign for president in recent memory. The signature moment, of course, was his brain freeze at the GOP debate in ...Read More

Is Rick Perry Finished?

Plagued by mistakes and behind in the polls, Perry tries to revive his presidential campaign.

“A month ago, all we heard about was Rick Perry and now, he’s off the map. He had a worse September than the Red Sox.” —David Letterman It’s funny bec...Read More