Capitol Letters

To Serve and Protect

The Senate’s reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is political theater at its best (and worst).

Despite strong Republican opposition, the U.S. Senate approved the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act on Thursday, just in time for senators’ w...Read More

Romney: Likable Enough?

Mitt Romney, the all-but-certain Republican nominee (barring an Act of God) receives endorsements from key members of the Texas congressional delegation. Just in time for it not to matter anymore.

Now that Rick Santorum—who hadn’t been endorsed by any member in the Texas congressional delegation—has suspended his long-suffering campaign, Republican ...Read More

Handle Without Care

As the Supreme Court took up the Affordable Care Act this week, the Texas congressional delegation did its best to save us from a lifetime of tyranny.

The Texas Republican congressional delegation has always put the health of Texans first, as evidenced by its consistent opposition to expanding the Children’s...Read More