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Nick Yeager is an intern at the Observer and the author of the forthcoming guidebook 111 Places in Austin That You Must Not Miss.

Young Texans Keep Spelling Bees Going From Home

by | Thu, Jun 25, 2020 at 8:00 am CST
Shangela Laquifa Wadley

Texan Drag Queen Shangela Finds Drag Daughters in Small Towns in HBO’s ‘We’re Here’

HBO’s new docuseries We’re Here is a snapshot of how drag can foster queer community in rural areas across the country.

Texas-born drag queen Shangela Laquifa Wadley, also known as DJ Pierce, makes a splash in HBO’s docuseries We’re Here. Along with Bob the Drag Queen and Eureka O’Hara, the fierce Shangela travels to small towns to recruit local residents for … Read More

The Fiesta celebration in San Antonio.

7 Texas Arts and Culture Causes to Consider on Giving Tuesday

Today is #GivingTuesdayNow. If you’re looking for causes to donate to, consider supporting the individuals and organizations that make Texas’ art, culture, and media great.

As Texas has had to shut down in the past two months due to the novel coronavirus, many of those in its iconic arts and culture industries have taken a big economic hit. Cinemas, venues, theaters, and bookshops have generally … Read More


‘The Quarry’ Tells a Dark Morality Tale in a Modern Small Texas Town

A new film from Scott Teems, king of the Southern drama, follows a violent drifter who assumes the identity of a small-town preacher.

“You are no man of God,” a young Latino man named Valentín shouts from behind bars at a white man dressed as a minister in The Quarry. “You will burn in hell.” The unnamed and suspicious preacher he condemns is … Read More

for a show purportedly about animal abuse, maybe it should be a little harder to watch.

Tiger King Could’ve Told a Tough Story of the Legal Mistreatment of Animals, But It Didn’t

Netflix’s runaway hit is a salacious interpersonal drama that buried what could have been a hard-hitting exposé of the patchwork regulations that are failing to protect animal welfare and public safety.

Just three weeks ago, during a narcotics raid in Hidalgo County, authorities discovered a white Bengal tiger, a bobcat, emus, porcupines, and a kinkajou being held illegally. Most of the animals were taken to the Austin Zoo for medical evaluation … Read More

Ruby City's inaugural exhibit, Waking Dream, has moved to the website.

Shuttered by the Coronavirus, Texas Art Museums Are Moving Online

While physical spaces are shut down, the digital world is letting Texas museums flourish.

Computer screens may not be able to capture the magic of museums, but they’re the next best thing with the majority of Texas cities now under shelter-in-place orders. In the face of this dramatic shift, most museum directors and staff … Read More


13 Small Texas Presses to Read Right Now

These 13 Texas-based independent presses and publishers have offered diverse, boundary-pushing literature for years, even decades.

There’s no better time for reading than when you’re curled up in your home. Books offer a retreat from the chaos of the world—something we could all use at the moment. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads and the economy feels … Read More

The Trans Pecos Pipeline.

‘Trans Pecos’ Is a Beautiful Plea to Protect West Texas

This visually striking film captures the innate beauty of far West Texas and the threats posed to it by oil and gas infrastructure.

“To be part of this land,” rancher Pilar Pedersen says early on in Trans Pecos, “it’s just ephemeral. Nobody owns this land.” Living in West Texas’ Big Bend country makes her who she is, and the desert’s power humbles her. … Read More