Nguyen Le


Nguyên Lê is a Vietnamese-English bilingual film critic, writer and translator, at the moment based in Houston. He also likes to think he's an amateur cook and photographer, at least until the kitchen catches fire or the ocean snatches his camera. His work can be seen on outlets like Fangoria, /Film.

Articles by Nguyen Le
Mo Amer embraces Teresa Ruiz, wrapping his arms around her from behind, artfully posed with a bush and the cloudy sky behind.

In Mo, I See Me

A new Netflix series filmed in Houston provides laughter and insights into the immigrant experience.

by Nguyên Lê

The cast of Women Talking, a group of white women of varying ages, dressed as Mennonites, gather in a barn.

Talking is Golden

Stars Judith Ivey and Sheila McCarthy on matters worth discussing in Sarah Polley’s emotive feminist feature, Women Talking.

by Nguyên Lê