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American Odysseys

by | Fri, Sep 24, 2004 at 12:00 am CST

Existential Endeavors

When is the last time you came across a piece of literature that rendered emotions or sensations in such a way as to elicit a physical response in you? How do you imagine the writer effected this alchemy? Recently I … Read More


The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker BY LEE MIDDLETON How to Breathe Underwater: Stories By Julie Orringer Knopf 240 pages, $21 ne of the things that I resist in fiction is the idea that a terrible experience will lead to some kind of … Read More


Learning Curves

Last spring I set out for Big Bend—my first camping trip in a National Park in the United States. Prior to this trip, my “wilderness†experiences had largely been confined to the almost entirely unregulated forests and mountains of South … Read More


Book Review

A Little Lie Makes for a Good Story

By Monique Truong I wonder where The Book of Salt is shelved at your local independent bookstore. You know, the one with all the categories. Asian? Gay/Lesbian? International? Post-colonial? Culinary? Memoir? Perhaps it’s where it should be, in Literary Fiction–because … Read More