Elisabeth Kristof


Big Coal Grasping for Stimulus Straws

Here’s an oxymoron if there ever was one: clean coal. Cyrus Reid, conservation director of the Sierra Club’s Lone Star Chapter agrees. In an interview for KERA regarding the $5 million in stimulus funds committed to the University of Texas … Read More

Texas Politics

Texas Senators Do Nothing to Save Thousands of Jobs

The Temporary Assistance for Needy Family Emergency Fund expired on September 30. Employers are now faced with laying off thousands of workers whose jobs were subsidized through the program. In Texas, that’s nearly 40,000 employees.This leads one Texan to ask, … Read More


Perry’s Latest Temper Tantrum

Lawsuit over education money is nothing but a political stunt.

It’s supplement, Mr. Perry. Not supplant. I know, I know. The words are remarkably similar; yet their meanings are totally opposite. Supplanting education funding is what Gov. Perry did with $3.2 billion in stimulus funds last year. Supplementing is what … Read More

Texas Politics

Perry Asks for More Stimulus Funds on the Down-Low

The Texas governor asks for Medicaid money and tries to bite the hand that feeds him.

Gov. Rick Perry likes to go on the campaign trail and denounce the stimulus program. But in a pattern that is becoming all too familiar, he takes his begging bowl to Washington when no one is looking and happily takes … Read More