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Texas Politics in a Stew constitutional amendment election of 1965. Perhaps many of the `wrong’voting legislators will be disposed of in 1966.” Here, area by area, with the “right?’ vote total given first, the “wrong,” second, and with the senators’ names and records in black type, are labor’s evaluations of the 1965 legislature by area : East Texas A. M. Atkin, Paris, 4-8; Bob Bass, DeKalb, 9-8; E. M. Edwards, Pattonville, 3-15; Nelson Cowles, Hallsville, 3-14; James L. Slider, Naples, 3-14; Neal Solomon, Mt. Vernon, 2-15; Jack Strong, Longview, 7-4; Galloway Calhoun, Jr., Tyler, 3-9; John Allen, Longview, 5-12; George Hinson, Mineola, 8-9; Bill Hollowell, Grand Saline, 10-8; Guy McDonald, Henderson, 5-12; John Mobley, Kilgore, 2-15; Billy Williamson, Tyler, 3-15; Martin Dies, Lufkin, 5-7; Steve Burgess, Nacogdoches, 3-15; Emmett Lack, Kountze, 152; J. E. Miller, Jr., Burkeville, 12-4; Rayford Price, Frankston, 5-13; Neveille Colson, Navasota, 4-7; William Moore, Bryan, 5-5; David Crews, Conroe, 3-12; David Haines, Bryan, 5-12; Cameron Hightower, Liberty, 10-7; Charles Jungmichael, La Grange, 3-15; George Richards, Huntsville, 3-14; Charles Wilson, Trinity, 12-4; Ralph Hall, Rockwall, 2-8; Vernon Beckham, Denison, 7-9; James Cole, Greenville, 6-12; W. T. Dungan, McKinney, 4-13; Don Hefton, Sherman, 3-15; Alonzo Jamison, Denton, 9-8; Jim Markgraf, Scurry, 13-5. North Texas DALLAS: George Parkhouse, 2-10; Ben Atwell, 5-13; Cooper Blankenship, 8-8; John Field, 7-10; David Ivy, 8-10; Ben Lewis, 11-7; Dick McKissack, 4-13; James Stroud, 12-5; Jim Wade, 4-9; John Wright, 4-10; FORT WORTH: Don Kennard, 6-6; Dave Finney, 12-5; Howard Green, 15-2; Jack McLaughlin, 7-7; George “Skeet” Richardson, 14-3; Joe Shannon, Jr., 6-12; Tommy Shannon, 8-9; W. C. Sherman, 5-9. Tom Creighton, Mineral Wells, 2-10; Jack Crain, Nocona, 1-13; Wayne Gibbens, Breckenridge, 1-15. South Texas SAN ANTONIO: Franklin Spears, 7-1; John Berry, 12-4; Jake Johnson, 14-4; Glenn. Kothmann, 15-3; Tom Lee, 17-1; R. L. Vale, 17-1; CORPUS CHRISTI: Bruce Reagan, 5-7; Tony Bonilla, 11-7; DeWitt Hale, 13-5; James Klager, 6-11; Travis Peeler, 13-5; Patman, Ganado, 6-6; Walter Richter, Gonzales, Otha Birkner, Van Vleck, 7-11; Dick Cory, Victoria, 5-13; Lloyd Guffey, El Campo, 11-7; Gus Mutscher, Brenham, 3-11; J. T. Newman, Cuero, 3-15; John Traeger, Seguin, 2-14; Leroy Wieting, Portland, 7-9; Bill Rapp, Raymondville, 8-8; Abraham Hazbn, Laredo, 8-4; Amando Canales, San Diego, 8-7; Wayne Connally, Floresville, 2-11; Paul Haring, Goliad, 14-2; Honore Ligarde, 710; Jim Bates, Edinburg, 5-6; A. C. Atwood, Edinburg, 1-16; Raul Longoria, Pharr, 10-7; Felix McDonold, Edinburg, 3-12; Gregory Montoya, Elsa, 11-4; J. Menton Murray, Harlingen, 5-9; Maurice Pipkin, Brownsville, 5-11. West Texas EL PASO: John E. Blaine, 4-13; Maud 5-9; Raul Muniz, 10-4; Ralph Scoggins, 3-12; David Ratliff, Stamford, 1-10; Roy Arledge, Stamford, 16-2; Raleigh Brown, Abilene, 1-17; Temple Dickson, Sweetwater, 5-13; Grant Jones, Abilene, 3-13; Renal Rosson, Snyder, 5-12; Dorsey Hardeman, San Angelo, 2-9; Pete Snelson, Midland, 4-7; Frank Cahoon, Midland, 7-11; Forrest Harding, San Angelo, 3-12; Gene Hendryx, Alpine, 5-13; D. C. Howard, Uvalde, 4-14; Ace Pickens, Odessa, 5-13; Richard Slack, Pecos, 5-11; Roger Thurmond, Del Rio, 4-14; H. J. Doc Blanchard, Lubbock, 0-11; Jesse T. George, Brownfield, 7-11; Delwin Jones, Lubbock, 3-14; Bill Parsley, Lubbock, 5-13; R. G. Randy Pendleton, Andrews, 4-14; Reed Quilliam, Lubbock, 8-9; Jack Hightower, Vernon, 3-8; Andy Rogers, Childress, 6-6; Bill Clayton, Springlake, 2-13; Maurice Doke, Wichita Falls, Stewart, Wichita Falls, 6-8; Ralph Wayne, Plainview, 1 -16; Grady Hazlewood, Amarillo, 3-8; A. C. Hallmark, Dalhart, 3-14; Grainger Mcllhany, Wheeler, 10-8; Walter Knapp, Amarillo, 1-14; Hudson Moyer, Amarillo, 3-11; J. M. “Red” Simpson, Amarillo, 2-15; Fritz Thompson, Borger, 2-15. Houston-Gulf Coast HOUSTON: Criss Cole, 7-4; Tom Bass, 11-7; Chet Brooks, 12-6; F. Lee Duggan Jr., 8-10; Bob Eckhardt, 14-4; Paul Floyd, 8-10; Don Garrison, 8-10; Henry Grover, 8-10; John Ray H. Miller, 6-12; Willis J. Whatley, 5-12; Charles Whitfield, 10-5. D. Roy Harrington, Port Arthur, 8-4; Carl Parker, Port Arthur, 12-4; J. D. Weldon, Port Arthur, 10-2; Clyde Haynes, Vidor, 15-2; Rufus Kilpatrick, Beaumont, 12-6; Will Smith, Beau V Don Yarborough of Houston is thinking about running for governor a third time. V A poll labor has taken shows that among people most likely to vote in the Democratic primary this spring, Don Yarborough has a 43% favorable image, and 71% are aware of him. For Jim Wright, the image is 40% favorable, and 59% know of him. Thus Don Yarborough was shown as better off with Democratic votes than Wright. Gov . John Connally had, among these likely voters in the Democratic primary, a 91% favorable rating and 100% awarenessformidable, indeed. One analyst of this poll has concluded that Don Yarborough could defeat Lt. Gov. Preston Smith, who has a 45% favorable rating and is known by 64%. V Smith, hoping to slide quietly past Feb. 7 without an opponent, still answered a few questions put to him by the Jacksonville Daily Progress: On the defeat of a 39-member Senate, Smith said, “I don’t think the people knew what they were voting on,” as 55 rural counties voted against the proposition. On four-year terms for statewide officials, he favored it, but thought the number of terms should be limited. On the war on poverty, “There is a lot of the poverty program that I’ve never particularly subscribed to.” V Rep. Bill Hollowell, Grand Saline, will hold a press conference Jan. 28 at which he might announce for governor or for some other office. To the Dallas News Hollowell said he is conservative “except in affairs affecting the indigent elderly people.” V Stanley Woods, the anti-majors inde pendent oilman in Houston, is talking about opposing Connally. Thrice-married, Bible-packing Grandmother Johnnie Mae Hackworthe of Brenham isn’t just talking, she’s filed and paid her $1,000 filing fee. mont, 11-6; A. R. Schwartz, Galveston, 10-2; J. Ed Harris, Galveston, 18-0; Neil Caldwell, Alvin, 13-5; Josh Gates, Richmond, 7-9; Dean Nugent, Texas City, 7-11. Central Texas AUSTIN: ‘Charles F. Herring, 6-6; Bob Armstrong, 6-12; Pat Cain, 3-15; Don Cavness, 3-15; Wilson Foreman, 8-9. Gene Fondren, Taylor, 4-14; Henry Fletcher, Luling, 7-10; Murray Watson, Mart, 5-6; Dick Cherry, Waco, 16-2; George Cowden, Waco, 5-12; Jack Woods, Waco, 5-13; Jack Hawkins, Groesbeck, 6-11; Glenn Johnson, Temple, 4-14; Charles A. Wheeler, Jr., Temple, 6-11; Milton Schiller, Cameron, 4-14; Louis Crump, San Saba, 3-8; J. P. Word, Meridian, 2-10; Tom Holmes, Granbury, 4-14; Travis V. McClinton, Oglesby, 3-14; James Nugent, Kerrville, 3-13; Ronald Roberts, Hills2-16; Terry Townsend, Brady, 2-14; J. E. Ward, Glen Rose, 5-13. R.D. She got 11,000 votes for governor in 1964, and “This time I’m going to win,” AP quoted her. The U.S. Senate Seat Atty. Gen. Waggoner Carr, delighted that Cong. Jim Wright, Fort Worth, won’t oppose him for the U.S. Senate, \(see and “a very effective congressman” whose decision strengthened the Texas Democrats. V Roy Evans, Texas AFL-CIO secretary treasurer, said “the Connally estab January 21, 1966 FUN TO READ! 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