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Called “Stockholder Profit Sharing Plan,” and available only to ICT ” Group stockholders, this plan offers: 1. INCOME PRODUCING INVESTMENT Z. SAVINGS BANK SECURITY 3. LIFE INSURANCE PROTECTION All who participate –in the Stock holder Profit Sharing Plan create profit for themselves intwo ways: 1.FROM CASH. DIVIDENDS PAID ON UNITS OF THE PLAN 2.AS STOCKHOLDERS IN ICT INSURANCE COMPANY 0 R ICT DISCOUNT CORPORA-TION, YOU SHARE IN THE PROFITS MADE BY ICT LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. wrilliwoomilmmim imem rp ; THE WEEK IN TEXAS ICT ICT BUILDING, DALLAS O. For the second time since Oc tober, Dallas County voters /nixed a car tax increase to buy road rightof-way. The vote Nov. 19 was 23,646 to 23,251a 395-vote margin; on Oct. 1, the tax failed by 270 votes out of 26,618. Organized labor opposed the increase and holding the second election ; full-page ads in Pallas papers said “CIOlabor bosses” were trying to kill the increase. . A former supervisor in the Nue ces County tax assessor-collectorts office, Mildred Thompson, has been charged , with felony theft of almost $7,000 in connection with application fees for automobile changeof-title. Galveston Mayor Roy C _lough talked to a rgand jury two hours about evidence of misappropriation of city funds and materials involving “a : large amount of money” in administrations prior to his. A $16,000 shortage in the city water department has been reported. Four West Texas cotton produc ers have asked a federal district judge in Houston to stop the Texas Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee from setting a 1956 crop ceiling that they expect would cut West Texas cotton 240,000 acres. Thomas White, member of the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles, says Texas needs 80 parole officers and that returnees to prison are increasing because of the “lack of -adult probation officers to give them constant guidance and supervision when they are paroled.” He blames the Legislature. Harvey Matusow, the liar arid professional ex-communist, is.appealing his three-year contempt sentence for lying in a federal court in El-Paso. Three judges of the US Court of Appeals in Fort Worth heard it arp. –ued that three years is “Cruel and unusual punishment.” The Reese Case AUSTIN A United Press dispatch from Washington quotes a justice Department spokesman as saying that the department has been ‘asked to investigate an alleged series of assaults on .Negroes in Gregg and Rusk Counties. The civil rights section of the department is considering the matter to determine whether any federal statutes have been violated, the spokesman said. The Observer has reported the incidents, which culminated Oct. 22 in shootings that resulted in the death of a Negro bOy and the wounding of two Negro girls. Rusk County Attorney H. H. Wellborn in _ Henderson called on the department for the sources of the cornplaints “so that law enforcement officers . may proceed with grand jury action.” “If your informant knowg any facts, not rumors, please let me have them and I will recall the grand jury and submit them to it,” he said. assure you that as far as my office is concerned, if the guilty partieS can be ascertained, they will beprosecuted:” Wellborn told the department that he had investigated and found no one Who would say who the parties were or whether they were white or Negro. He said he could get no information to find the guilty parties from white and Negro citizens he had called before the grand jury. A Washington report in the El Paso Times first reported that the complaints, based on the Observer’s Nov. 2 edition, had been filed with the department ‘in Washington by Texans there: Page 8 Nov. 23, 1955 The Texas Observer The man. who owns half of Cor pus Christi’s 20-boat shrimp fleet Sydney Herndonhas ttreatened to move his boats to Aransas Pass if the city decides to tax the diesel fuel he stores on his dock. The rest of the fleet would leave with him: Army Secretary Wilber M. Brucker told Governor Shivers that permanent facilities at Fort Hood will accomodate only one division and that the protested movement of troops to Louisiana will proceed. Houston bookies dropped a’lot of cash when Aggie fans leaned heavily on their team, which beat Rice 20-12, and the bookies, who gave Rice 7% points. 40 Bradshaw Mintener, assistant secretary of .. health, education, and welfare, told the Texas Social Welfare Assn.. conference that Texas social workers, with . a. ratio of one worker . to 399 social . cases, bear the .heaviSt burden in the union. Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby of. Houston, Ben Wooten of Dallas, Mrs. H. E. Butt of Corpus,and Mrs. Ray Willoughby of San Angelo were cited for community service. The Harris County grand jury was told ofviolence against four or fiVe members of Local 450 of the International Union of Operating.Engineers, allegedly by a union official, in connection with jobs. The securities . division of the Secretary of State subpoenaed for examination the stock records, minutes, and a ledger of a Houston mortgage banking firm, CommonWealth Credit Corporation, because of charges alleging misrepresentation in the company’s stock sales. The company says it’s a routine check. The N.A.A.C.P. in Austin has taken’ up the case of an Austin Negro woman who was forced to move to the back -of a bus in accordance with a city ordinance. The Senate Investigating Com rnittee vrill review new Texas laws on insurance, veterans’ land, and -corporate stock sales to seeif they have been plugged for loopholes. The insurance hearings start Dec, 1. A citizens’ council . ha,,s been formed in Waco and its spokesmen say it will use -the anti -integration methods of similar organizations in Mississippi “by cooperating with those who cooperate with us.” E-conornic boycotts against Negroes have been used in Mississippi. You are Invited to CASA LOMA `Austin’s Beautifylly Different Restaurant’ We Excel In Mexican and American Food Attentive and .Courteous Service Prices Everyone Can Afford People of All ,Nationalities Most Welcome Private Room for Parties Phone 7-0680 Open 11 a.m.-2 a.m. daily, 11 a.m.-3 a.m. Saturday. Closed Wednesday. 800 Lydia Street, Austin The Coastal Bend Political Coun cil, uniting the political efforts of AFL and CIO members in the area, was formed in Corpus Christi. It will work “to protect the interests of labor and to proinote the public welfare by educational a n d other legitimate means.” Although the council is not pledged to any party, “our hope lies with the liberal or loyalist wing of the Democratic Party,” John .E. Simmons, public relations Chairman,. said, An all-white male jury in Aus tin convicted a 65-year-old Austin man of assault to murder without _malice arid sentenced him to three years in the shotgun mutilation of the face of a young Negro airman. The airman was necking with his girl on a public road-near the home of the accused. The man’s 39-year-old son was given nine months. for aggravated assault in the same incident. D.A. Les Procter asked for 15 years for both of them. Jesse Jones “of Houston has given Rice Institute a million dollars for_ completion of a girls’ dormitory. Duval County commissioners have voted to raise their own aries to $8,500. OThe Lecr b islative.Budget Board re., ported that lonesome and .inactive old folks in the state’s mental institutions . are taking beds and space intended for psychotic patients. They would be happier in their homes if proper care could be arranged, the Board said. Possible solutions suggested : ‘clarify-and revise laws on the responsibility of government and relatives; . increase the financial responsibility of relative’s \(now $60 .a old age assistance to erinit entry into convalescent homes ; establish geriatriC centers. ‘BOW’ WILLIAMS Automobile and General Insurance Represepts ICTThe C ompany Owned by Union Members We are liberals. We -can write insurance for Observer readers anywhere in the State. Call us collect at 2-0545 in Austin. “Let’s Abolish the Poll Tax” I understand the Stockholder Profit Sharing Plan offers me as an ICT Group stockholder many exclusive, unprecedented benefits. I want to be among the first ICT stockholders to hear all about the Plan and receive my Allotment Certificate. So, please have a Home Office Representative call on me as soon, as possible. Name Address City State Remember, Stockholder Profit Sharing Nan Is for ICI Stockholders only! Many of you may want to have the Plan explained to you in detail before a Home office Representative has a chance to contact you personally. At right is a coupon to be filled out and mailed if you would like to have complete facts on the Plan as soon as possible. A vitally important message to all ICT Group stockholders YOU ARE ENTITLED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE NEW Stockholder Profit Sharing Plan After many months of hard work and careful study, The ICT Life insurance company is ready to announce an exclusive personal benefit plan for ICT Group’stockholders only! If you are an ICT Group stockholder, Home Office Representatives will soon be calling on you to fully explain your rights under the Plan and show you how to exercise them. For your own benefit and profit, give these Representatives an opportunity to point out many exclusive advantages the plan offers. rGentlemen: LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY