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by Sunny Sone

A Feminist Rewrite of Lot

Set in Hope, Texas, God Spare the Girls subverts the biblical story, in which a man escapes while women perish.

This story is from the May/June 2021 issue. The story of Lot, the famous one, is a story for men. In it, Lot is given a divine warning that his city, Sodom, and...Read More

by Texas Observer

TxO NextGen Program 2021

Everything we’ve written about the coronavirus pandemic in Texas.

TxO NextGen Program 2021 These articles were produced through the NPR NextGen/Texas Observer Print Scholars program, a new collaboration designed to offer mento...Read More

by Tovah Strong

Mentally Ill and Sentenced to Death

After 45 years, Texas’ longest-serving death row inmate was resentenced last week due to a long history of severe mental illness. But state lawmakers this session again declined to ban the death penalty for people like him.

This article was produced through the NPR NextGen/Texas Observer Print Scholars program, a new collaboration designed to offer mentorship and hands-on traini...Read More

by Elizabeth Shogren, Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting

In the Drill Zone, Children’s Health Is Looking Bleak

More than a decade ago, the U.S. made a big bet on natural gas as a path to reduced emissions and energy independence. But has that bet gone bad for communities—and the climate?

This story was produced by Reveal from The Center for Investigative Reporting. When Wanda Vincent looks out the windows of her day care center in Arlington, Tex...Read More