A Dallas Dust Up at Rep.’s House

State Rep. Barbara Mallory Caraway and her husband Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway had some kind of dust up at their home in early January. Police were called to the scene.

Two weeks ago, The Dallas Morning News asked for police records related to the disturbance. So far, The News has only been able to obtain the basic police report which says officers responded to a marital disturbance. Dwaine Caraway says the disturbance had nothing to do with him and his wife. It was his friends “Archie” and “Arthur” fighting over the Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game.

Whoever was tussling with whom, Dallas officials would like to put a lid on it. Officials have asked for an opinion from the Texas Attorney General on whether they can withhold the documents, saying the records may be “highly intimate or embarrassing” and are of “no interest to the public,” according to The News. Whatever comes of it, I’d be willing to bet that Archie and Arthur won’t be watching any more Cowboys games at the Caraway residence.

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Melissa del Bosque is a staff writer and a 2016-17 Lannan Fellow at The Investigative Fund.

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