Letters to the Editors



Great article (“Dear President Bush,” Feb. 6). It’s about time people spoke directly to George W. Bush about the harm he has done. Dicky Grigg’s contribution to restoring the rule of law in this country is commendable. Patricia Kilday Hart’s article makes it personal and tells it like it is.

Nanou Knisely Posted at www.texasobserver.org

Thanks for bringing up this important subject. More important is the excellent job Dicky Grigg has done in defense of the rule of law, and in exposing a disgraced administration’s cruelty and disregard for the basic human rights any of the world’s citizens are entitled to.

Joel E. Villatoro Posted at www.texasobserver.org


It is refreshing to read an honest assessment of George W. Bush’s return to the state that launched his eight-year reign of wisecracking terror. The piece by Bob Moser (“Home at Last,” Feb. 6) serves as a blessed corrective to the Dallas Morning News’ recent editorial titled “Bushes’ Return Can Be Civic Benefit.” Anyone catch that one?

Sean Mitchell Posted at www.texasobserver.org

Loved the article. What a wonderful day for us when the Bushies are gone from Washington. How wonderful to hear a president speak in complete sentences and with correct language.

Gail Callahan Posted at www.texasobserver.org


I always thought they were a few bricks short of a full load, now I have no doubt (“The Texas Legislature: By the Numbers,” Jan. 23). Thanks for the insight.

Debbie Roberts Posted at www.texasobserver.org


I read a snippet of Josh Rosenblatt’s review (“Hell No, They Won’t Go,” Nov. 28, 2008) on Amazon.com and was struck by the naïveté of this comment: “Democracy and war, these pieces collectively suggest, may be the strangest, and worst, bedfellows of all.”

Why do so many intelligent and well-educated people think war is antithetical to democracy or republican forms of government? History has shown quite clearly that democracies and republics are often more bellicose than monarchies and other types of government.

J.T. King Posted at www.texasobserver.org

I love the book. Spotted Milton Mayer right away: His talks on KPFA-FM (Berkeley) when I was in college at Cal (’55) changed my thinking and my life. Cheers to Josh Rosenblatt for the fine review.

James Lieberman Posted at www.texasobserver.org

War to end war. Murder to end murder. Torture to end torture. And yet my fellow citizens write letters to the local editors saying we’re not bloodthirsty enough.

T. Montgomery Posted at www.texasobserver.org


Yvonne Georgina Puig is right on target (“Are You My Granddaughter?” Nov. 28, 2008). It could have been my story with the details changed-only better written, of course.

Benegene Kring Posted at www.texasobserver.org