Letters to the Editor



In Texas you can defend yourself against an armed robber (“Highway Robbery”, May 16), unless he happens to be a police officer …

Royce Kerbowvia e-mail


Thanks to Emily DePrang (“The Price of Desire”, May 16) for providing a pro-gay marriage argument even a Republican could appreciate-it’s good for the economy! Gay and lesbian nuptials could invigorate the wedding industry. With all that disposable income, the average spending on a wedding would soar. Weddings would be a growth industry, a source of jobs that would be hard to offshore. Sorry the marriage didn’t work out, Emily, but at least you did your part for the economy.

Jon Caswell Dallas


Excellent article (“McCain’s Gramm Gamble”, May 30). Very informative. Thanks. This quote was the best: University of Texas economist James Galbraith says Gramm is “not against government at all. His career has been finding ways to make money for his friends. It’s a predator relationship. [Government] is his food supply.” Please emphasize this message to voters. We’re all being duped by Republican and conservative rhetoric. Republican government is big government and unfairly keeps prices high, even according to the Cato Institute. It’s incredible the lies we’ll believe these days.

Nicolette Ladoulisvia e-mail

Why hasn’t the mainstream media picked up on the connection between Phil Gramm and skyrocketing prices at the pump? If the speculation associated with his “Enron loophole” accounted for $20 of a $70 barrel of oil in 2006, it’s accounting for $39 of a $135 barrel of oil now.

Lucy Frostvia e-mail


Susan DuQuesnay Bankston is a breath of fresh air, telling it like it is in down-home fashion (“The Good Fight”, May 30). Bring on more of her articles.

Evelyn Burlesonvia e-mail

Wonderful article! Certainly makes me miss Texas, considering I’m living in the foreign state of Virginia. Somehow I don’t think our state Democratic convention will be quite as exciting as our Texas conventions used to be! Thanks for the memories!

Dolores Trevino-Gerbervia e-mail