Letters to the Observer


Weasel hunters for Jesus

Nice job (“Saving Speaker Craddick,” January 25). Keep tracking these weasels. I love reading about how so-called Christians and purveyors of truth lie to each other and the public. How do these people live with themselves?

Linda Labeau via e-mail


Before falling into a restless sleep, I read the excerpt from the new book about Bob Bullock. I am a great admirer. I realize that Bullock did great things and was a unique character in Texas history, but he was a terrible judge of people, and as a result did great damage to our state and our country.

Essentially, Bullock battled his friends and gave comfort to people who should have been his enemies. There is no other way to explain his feuds with John Hill and Ann Richards as contrasted with his friendship with George W. Bush.

The Bush family, along with other hereditary dynasties, really knows how to butter up those they consider “little people” through charm and fake camaraderie. This is especially true of George W. Bush, and Bullock fell for it hook, line and sinker.

Through his friendship with Bullock, Bush was able to paint himself as a “different kind of Republican” and a “compassionate conservative.” Thus he became the 43rd president of the United States. His presidency has been an unmitigated disaster for our country.

Bullock’s friendship, coupled with Bush’s personal popularity, destroyed the Texas Democratic Party and led directly to the takeover of the state by the Republican Party, giving us one of the worst Legislatures and governors in our state’s history. Why is it that well-meaning Democrats like Bullock spend their time fighting each other when the result is to allow people who just want to pick your pocket to gain power?

Sylvia Demarest Dallas

Bob Bullock was the best combination of Sam Rayburn and Lyndon Johnson to serve the citizens of Texas. Sadly, we will never have another Bob Bullock to serve Texas again. Maybe Tommy Lee Jones could play the role of Bullock in a movie so Texans could understand how this man felt about Texas and what he did for Texas.

Harold Willis via e-mail

We are all impoverished by the lack of men of Bob Bullock’s stature in our state and nation. Non-Texans relocate here and seldom do they understand the empty ceremonial role of the governor compared to the lieutenant governor. I see the pygmies in our Legislature, and I see Rick Perry. Both seem inadequate to equitably address the many budgetary issues we face. Bob we sure miss you!

Brad O’Brien via e-mail