Letters to the Observer



Some observations regarding the editorialist’s suggestion about contacting sundry U. S. senators (“Molly’s Last Crusade,” October 5). Thanks to that as-yet-unsolved mysterious anthrax letter to the Capitol some years back, snail-mail letters take pretty much forever to reach congressional offices. Of several I bothered to write before learning this, none have ever even been acknowledged after a time lapse of over six months. It is probably a waste of time to attempt a regular letter.

As to e-mailing representatives and senators, almost every one of them restricts their incoming e-mail – in the case of representatives to residents of the specific district, and in the case of senators, to residents of the appropriate state. Good luck finding alternative avenues of access. It is occasionally possible to get e-mails through to members who are chairs of a particular committee; and one can send unobstructed e-mails to the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate. I urge Observer readers to e-mail the leaders of the two chambers, calling upon both to embrace impeachment proceedings against Cheney and Bush. This appears to be the only course of action likely to have any significant effect leading toward halting the Iraq madness before next year’s elections and the subsequent inaugurations of a new administration and Congress and Senate.

Tom Camfield San Angelo, Texas


I guess I would have expected better from the Observer. The definitive biography this isn’t. (“The Conundrum in Caracas,” October 19) It is written by a husband/wife team of longtime Venezuelan opposition leaders, and the introduction is by Moises Naim, the man whose economic plans sparked Venezuela’s worst human rights disaster in history and who currently sits on the board of the National Endowment for Democracy. That tells you all you need to know.

Jesus Reyes Via e-mail


What a terrific article. (“Dia de los Muertos Lite,” October 19) Thank you for taking me back to parts of that collective memory that I had forgotten: el caldito de res and the inevitable tequilita. I teach Dia de los Muertos at the university and I make it right. This article will confirm to all my students que no estoy loca. Mil gracias. Yo tambien soy del Chuco…de la Bowie!

Maria Eugenia TrilloVia e-mail