Daily Archives: April 10, 2013

Banishing the Breast Cancer-Abortion Link Draws Bipartisan Support

Pro-lifers were geared up and ready for a fight in the House State Affairs Committee today on HB 2945, but they needn’t have worried. The bill proposes to amend the Texas Health and Safety Code section on reading abortion-seekers their medical rights.

House Bill Tackles Pipeline Companies’ Eminent Domain Powers

This common carrier status, which means the company is carrying competitors’ products as well as its own to serve the public good, grants companies the right to take land without getting landowners’ consent. Oliveira’s House Bill 3547 attempts to set up a process to ensure companies claiming the status are actually common carriers. The House Business and Industry Committee discussed the bill last night.

Lawmakers Propose Cutting Funds to Schools with Same-Sex Partner Benefits

Rep. Drew Springer’s bill (R-Muenster) would withhold 7.5 percent of the state’s funding to any district offering domestic partner benefits. That, he said, should be about equal to the full cost of a district’s employee insurance program.