Daily Archives: February 6, 2013

Workers’ Group Urges Reform of Austin’s Incentive-Giving System

In recent years, Austin has become a generous incentive-giver to corporations – but not all companies keep up their end of the deal. On Wednesday the labor advocacy group Workers Defense Project released documents it says prove that an Indiana-based …

Sweeping Education Bill Would Slash STAAR Requirements, Introduce New School Rating System

Aycock’s House Bill 5 is a monstrous reworking of the education code that finally commits to legalese the testing and accountability reforms he and other lawmakers have batted around for the last year or so. Still, Aycock stressed this morning that it’s only meant as a starting point.

Perry: More Money for I-69 Means More Business for Texas

Maybe the Trans-Texas Corridor wasn’t so dead after all. Gov. Rick Perry stepped up his support Wednesday morning for new interstate highway construction running from coastal South Texas up through Texarkana. Joined by members of the Alliance for I-69 Texas, Perry …