Monthly Archives: January 2013

Solar Power Could See Explosive Growth in Texas over Coming Decades

Solar is just a tiny sliver—less than 1 percent—of Texas’ electricity mix.

Yet, the economics are becoming increasingly favorable for solar to take off in a big way. The question is probably when, not if. And a recent analysis by ERCOT has some very rosy projections for the future of the solar industry in Texas. (And some very sour news for nuclear, coal and maybe even natural gas.)

It’s More than Just Ceremony for Citizen-Lobbyists at Capitol

For many, a trip to the Capitol doesn’t just mean sitting in the gallery for a few minutes until the applause is over, it can also mean a day of petitioning lawmakers to address issues vital to their communities. It can mean …

Michael Williams Tries to Soothe the Masses at School Administrators’ Conference

Into this charged atmosphere, onto the same stage Robert Scott famously occupied a year ago, stepped Texas’ new Education Commissioner Michael Williams on Tuesday. Safe to say, it’d be a hard act to follow.