Daily Archives: December 28, 2012

The Cautionary Tale of Austin ISD’s Partnership with IDEA Charters

East Austin’s battle over IDEA Allan marked the end of a particularly nasty charter school controversy, a cautionary tale about how not to open a charter school. It could also be something we see a lot more of next year.

Heavy Metal

Gulf Chemical may be the most brazen polluter in Texas. An Observer review of thousands of pages of court records and internal agency documents, and interviews with a former company executive reveals a company that operated outside the law for almost four decades, even as citizens, activists and TCEQ’s own investigators pleaded for action.

Don’t Tell Gregg Abbott, But He Put Out a Report Laying Waste to ‘State Sovereignty’ Cause

In November, even as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was threatening to string up international election observers if they got too close to the polls in Texas, Abbott’s staff was preparing a report that throws a bucket of water (fluoridated, I’m sure) on the whole 10th Amendment/Agenda 21/state sovereignty business that now consumes Texas Republicans.