Daily Archives: December 5, 2012

Susan Combs Throws Cold Water on Texas Public Pensions “Crisis”

So, about that public pension crisis… According to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, and the data-driven report she released yesterday, there really isn’t one. “We’re actually in pretty doggone good shape,” she said at a news conference yesterday. Teachers, city workers, cops and firefighters can rest a little easier.

One Thing Perry Gets Right In His Battle With the EPA Over Ethanol

Like the proverbial broken clock, Rick Perry is occasionally right, even if his motives aren’t exactly pure. Sometimes it all comes together: the cronyism, the states’-rights belly-aching, the (situational) concern for federal subsidies, and bad ingredients turn into a decent dish.

Notes from the Texas Charter Schools Conference

The Texas Charter Schools Association’s annual conference is wrapping up this afternoon in downtown Austin, with almost 1,200 in attendance (by the official count), covering topics as varied as competitive procurement laws and how to teach students to build airplanes. …