Monthly Archives: November 2012

Payday Loans: A Pound of Flesh—Fees May Apply

Let’s be plain about what makes these businesses so profitable: usury. Structuring a loan to charge $130 in fees per $100 borrowed (that’s the average for a payday loan paid back in installments) is usury, regardless of the political contortions that keep such businesses legal.

Texas Democrats, Make Your Move

Forget about the great GOP awakening. Now is the perfect time for Texas Democrats to figure out what the hell they’re doing. The default explanation for their dismal showing was that Texas is not just red but bloody red, a stronghold of the Republican Party and ruled with an iron fist by Pharaoh, forcing the Chosen Ones to wander aimlessly in the desert looking for manna from heaven. But now the shifting demographics coupled with a rather clueless opposition party should be working in their favor.

Rick Perry’s ‘Compassionate’ Sales Pitch for Drug-Testing Welfare Recipients

At Thigpen Energy in Cut and Shoot, Tex., Wednesday, Rick Perry explained why proposed legislation requiring Texans to pass a drug test before receiving welfare is “compassionate.”