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WTF Friday: Let’s Be Cops!

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Let’s be cops!

Let’s just run with the premise of this weekend’s biggest box-office laugher. Let’s find a buddy and go on a little pro bono neighborhood patrol. Let’s assert a little authority around here!

We wouldn’t be the first to try it lately.

Let’s parade through Houston’s black communities in a crowd of white guys with guns!

“We think that an armed society is a polite society,” said Open Carry’s C.J. Grisham. “We want to encourage citizens in the Fifth Ward to take back their community from the criminal element.”

Let’s use philosophy!

“If people tell you not to exercise a right, do you not exercise that right,” asked Grisham.

Let’s explain why someone else’s neighborhood is better off with our assault weapons!

“I told him that emotions would run very high on the outset and that there were better ways to come into our community,” Quanell X says.

“I would never tell a black man or anyone that he is not welcome in any part of this country, but that’s what they did to us,” Grisham says.

“He needs to do some history homework. He will learn and see why black people don’t like white men coming to the Fifth Ward,” said Quanell X on Thursday. He points to a history of racial unrest in the area dating back decades, of night riders and blacks being told to get inside before sundown.

Well hey, let’s just hold off for now. Maybe let things cool down a little.


Or let’s join a posse!

McLennan County Sheriff Parnell McNamara says he has been overwhelmed with community support after posting to social media his idea to form a “posse.”

“I’m very excited about it,” he said. “I’m overwhelmed by the response. I really am.”


Deputy Danie Huffman, the Parker County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman, said she can’t say enough good things about the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, which was formed in 1947.

“Posses these days are really not the same as posses years ago,” she said.

Let’s maybe consider this plan in light of the Texas Monthly 1998 story on McNamara’s previous posse, “The Last Posse“:

We don’t hang horse thieves anymore, which is lucky for the men who took Marisa McNamara’s sorrel mare. But as the band of old-time Texas lawmen who hunted them down will proudly tell you, frontier justice is alive and well.

I know, let’s join a militia! Let’s secure the border and give those drug lords what-for!

“What I was told is (the militia groups) are on private property, helping ranchers and owners to keep illegals coming onto or through their property … and there haven’t been any problems,” [State Rep. Doug] Miller told the Express-News. “When (the groups) are coming into an area, they’ve been very forthright, letting (law enforcement) know they were there so there wouldn’t be some type of negative interaction.”


So many places to protect! Where to go first? Let’s just vent our impotent rage for a bit!



Oh, holy crap. If this is a game warden, let’s be game wardens!

Let’s be politicians! Let’s loosen up our flag-print ties, throw on some tactical gear and take a gunboat cruise along the Rio Grande!

State Rep. Doug Miller (R-New Braunfels), right.
Doug Miller/Facebook
State Rep. Doug Miller (R-New Braunfels), right.

Let’s be governor! No. Commander-in-chief!

“You now are the tip of the spear in protecting Americans from these cartels and gangs,” Perry said in a visit to Camp Swift near Bastrop, where the Guard is training. “As they are able to get past you, they could be headed to any city, any neighborhood in this country, and they’re spreading their tentacles of crime and fear.”

Let’s better watch out for those other folks spreading fear!

Or let’s start our own country and just defend it ourselves!

A 60-year-old Corinth man who shot at officers and firefighters Monday in Far North Dallas espoused anti-government views and claimed to be starting his own nation called “Dougie-stan,” police said Tuesday.

Police say they had found no link between Douglas Lee LeGuin, a Corinth homeowner with no criminal past, and any specific anti-government groups or movements. There was also no clear link between LeGuin and the Far North Dallas house where police said he planned to “occupy” the new nation.


He also said he was upset with Dallas police for “shooting the mentally handicapped.”


Not that it’s done anything to dampen the political bluster, the border vigilanteism or the enthusiastic firepower parade here in Texas, but this really isn’t the week to play cops.


  • don76550

    Does MIchels have any coherent or rational point he wants to make. Just sounded like a hysterical left wing incoherent diatribe to me.

    • 1bimbo

      he’s freaking out about the ‘militarization’ of the police.. apparently he prefers a lawless society

      • Jed

        pretty sure that isn’t even close to what he is freaking out about.

        i think he is freaking out that there are people like you out there.

    • john Everett Walker

      coherency an rationality would be out of place in the Texas Observer. He’s on his home turf.

  • Nancy

    Let’s be cops. Then we can do whatever we want. No one polices the police.

    • fatibel

      Why bother with training and laws? Get a gun and some boots and we’re good to go.

    • john Everett Walker

      It doesn’t work that way. The local news paper just reported that 60-odd civil rights violations against individual officers had been investigated. Only three were lodged by the citizenry. The rest came from line command sources within the police department or the internal affairs mechanism. Some were no doubt justified quality assurance measures but a great many come from the long-standing police practice of spending as much or more time sabotaging each other than they do enforcing the law or abusing civilians.
      The best thing about a career in law enforcement is that you can walk away from it at any time.

  • john Everett Walker

    The Mclennan County Posse turns out to be primarily a riding club for horse persons. Hopefully, whatever dangers it presents will have minor consequences-so minor as to make the sick panic and existential butthurt it engenders in communitarian pudge-muffins the better part of the bargain.
    It may, though it seems unlikely, rise to the level of stupidity of the open carry exhibitionists and the crazed, pie-wagon zombie moms who strive to and usually succeed in make even bigger fools of themselves at the expense of the hapless business both groups target.