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The Way Texas Treats Women

by Published on
Ben Sargent
  • Kevin Marshall

    You know, as a native texan Muslim (whos 10th generation black american, not “foreign”) I am very
    offended by the clear orientalist tone of this piece. While critiquing the injustice of sexism in Texas, you have just validated islamophobic beliefs.

    But if you don’t care, that’s fine because I don’t expect you to.


    Kevin Marshall

    • April D. Korbel

      Only if you equate the Taliban with all Muslims. I don’t, just the same way I don’t believe the Wesboro Baptist Church speaks for all Baptists or Christians.
      Personally, I fear Perry would see this (far fetched) happening as a positive thing.

      • Kevin Marshall


        Thanks for your (civil) response. Here’s my issue with where you’re coming from…”I”.
        Yes, you personally may not equate all Muslims with the Taliban, but it’s a common misconception held by a lot of Americans. You’ve seen those polls.

        I just felt it was worth pointing out, and I didn’t really expect folks on here to feel the same way. Likewise, I wouldn’t expect most readers of this site to fully appreciate the racism that was commonplace in classic mainstream American cartoons that were regularly on rerun through the early 2000s, at least. The messages embedded in the media people consume really matters.

        Just Google “racist Looney Tunes” or “Racist Tom and Jerry” episodes and comparable images for other undesirable groups, illustrating ugly uncivilized traits were commonplace.
        Case and point: the ape looking, watermelon suckling, nap headed black characters seen in in the aforementioned cartoon series clips.

        And I won’t even mention the cartoons depicting Asians, all barefoot, buck toothed and unable to pronounce the letter “R”.

  • Jaxon Heath

    How does Texas treat women?