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Texas Legislature


Anti-Gay Marriage Bill Faces ‘Critical Showdown’ In House

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The future of the battle over gay marriage in Texas—and possibly in other states—is likely to be determined by the House of Representatives in the next 72 hours, according to LGBT advocates. House Bill 4105, by Rep. Cecil Bell (R-Magnolia), which is designed to undermine a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of same-sex marriage, is scheduled for a floor vote Tuesday.

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Jeni Putalavage-Ross, daughters Tilly, Delancey, and Astor, and husband Scott Ross

‘I Didn’t Have a Choice’

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Jeni Putalavage-Ross and Scott Ross made the difficult decision to terminate their pregnancy at nearly 21 weeks when doctors said their baby wouldn’t survive. While Texas law still allows late-term abortions like Jeni’s, a handful of ultra-conservative lawmakers are targeting that exception this session.

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