Rick Perry at a press conference in Weslaco

Rick Perry on Child Refugees: Deport ‘Em All

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Rick Perry has a plan for the thousands of refugee children streaming across the border from Mexico and Central America: Deport them at once. At a congressional hearing in McAllen, the governor did his best to sound compassionate while calling on Congress and President Obama to further militarize the border and enact mass deportations of children despite laws protecting refugees.

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Zoe Leonard’s Camera Obscura Turns Marfa Inside Out and Upside Down

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“100 North Nevill Street” features a 6-inch lens, installed in one of the building’s walls, that casts an inverse image of the exterior landscape across the interior of the warehouse-like space. Because the image is a real-time projection of the external environment, ever-changing patterns of light and shadow, not to mention clouds and cars, keep the distorted image in constant motion.

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