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Duke Energy's 14-megawatt Blue Wing Solar Project in San Antonio

Solar Power Could See Explosive Growth in Texas over Coming Decades

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Solar is just a tiny sliver—less than 1 percent—of Texas’ electricity mix.

Yet, the economics are becoming increasingly favorable for solar to take off in a big way. The question is probably when, not if. And a recent analysis by ERCOT has some very rosy projections for the future of the solar industry in Texas. (And some very sour news for nuclear, coal and maybe even natural gas.)

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gas pad

To Frack or Not to Frack in Dallas

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After years of opponents and industry arguing, waiting and waiting some more, Dallas’ fracking future might finally come to a vote. In early February a city commission is expected to vote, yet again, on whether to grant Fort Worth-based Trinity East Energy permits to drill on city-owned land. It would be the first gas well sunk within city limits and would affirm Dallas’ stance on the controversial practice of fracking.

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Texas Comptroller Susan Combs

“We’re the Good Guys”: Conservatives Make the Case for Free-Market Environmentalism

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There’s something peculiar about a discussion framed as “Can the Free Market Protect the Environment?” that includes virtually no discussion of how to protect the environment. Instead, at one of the final panels of the corporate-funded Texas Public Policy Foundation conference—a must-attend event for many in the Capitol crowd—the panelists mostly mulled the meaning of “liberty” and ran through a bill of particulars against the EPA, bureaucrats and “the Left.”

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