Life Outside the Box

by Xander Peters | Thu, Nov 19, 2015 at 10:00 CST
When Jacqueline Conn lost her job, she found a movement — one that aims to help 70 million Americans with criminal records find a way out of the 'box.'
Payday lending by Christopher Hooks

Jumping the Loan Sharks

Ending predatory lending is a 'big jigsaw with a lot of pieces,' but one model, developed in the Valley, may solve part of the puzzle.

Commercial payday loans can carry interest rates in excess of 400 percent and must be repaid within months or weeks, often causing financially troubled customer...Read More

501x309-2015-08-family-outsider-home-fair-housing-sebron-snyder by Gayle Reaves

The Fight for Fair Housing

Two lawsuits are dragging Texas—and maybe the whole country—closer to the goal of integrated neighborhoods.

Two lawsuits are dragging Texas—and maybe the whole country—closer to the goal of integrated neighborhoods....Read More

072715-north-lamar-trailer-park-jen-reel by Leah Caldwell

Trailer Park Ploys

How Texas families with nowhere else to go are fighting back against mobile home moguls and their ruthless business model.

The residents of North Lamar Community Mobile Home Park in Austin aren't backing down from an escalating dispute with the new owners of the park, the moguls beh...Read More

20150521-Big-Spring-protesters-lead by Patrick Michels

Wrong Side of the Tax

A meteoric rise in property assessments in a West Texas town wreaks havoc on low-income taxpayers.

Big Spring’s fast-rising home appraisals this year are particularly wreaking havoc on low-income homeowners, exposing another problem with Texas' heavy relian...Read More

hillcrest-corpus-christi-rachel-denny-clow by Priscila Mosqueda

A Neighborhood Apart

A Corpus Christi highway project threatens to sever a community already devastated by industry.

Residents of two Corpus Christi neighborhoods claim energy companies stole their health by polluting the air, water and ground around their homes. Now they are ...Read More