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Hot List: Day 129 of the Legislature

Texas State Capitol in Austin, Tex.

The Lead: Lawmakers negotiated late into the night in an attempt to finalize the 2014-2015 state budget. Conference committee members have agreed on a number of spending issues, including how much money to put into public education ($3.2 billion) and water infrastructure projects ($2 billion). But as the Texas Tribune reports, Medicaid expansion remains a […]

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Lawmakers Scrap Over ‘Outside Groups’

Angry debate erupted on House floor when Rep. Byron Cook allowed an amendment that would’ve gutted a previously-uncontested portion of the PUC sunset bill.

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A Gun Show at the Capitol

There was a pro-gun rally at the Capitol on Wednesday afternoon. Normally those events take place in front of the Capitol, but this one occurred in the basement, in Extension Room E.036 during a hearing of the House Select Committee on Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility. Tea partiers, Libertarians and Republicans showed up in force to testify […]

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