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Should We Be Forced to Buy Health Care?

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I’ll start with a question: What items in your life does the government require you to purchase from a private company?

I’ll venture a guess at the answer: Nothing.

Care insurance, you say? Not really. You’re required to buy it only if you have a car. You still have the choice whether to buy a car. No car, no insurance. Same with home insurance. You’re still choosing to buy a home.

In other cases, the government mandates something but provides the means. For instance, you’re required to educate your child, but the government provides a system of free, public schools.

Nowhere in our lives does the government mandate that — no matter what — we must buy a product from the private sector.

But that may be about to change.

Congress is currently debating a bill that would require all Americans to have health insurance.

Dave Mann has been with the Observer since 2003. Before that, he worked as a reporter in Fort Worth and Washington, D.C. He was born and raised in Philadelphia. He thinks border collies are the world’s greatest dogs, and believes in the nourishing powers of pickup basketball.