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Observer Radio Episode 67: Getting the Facts Straight on Immigrant Kids

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  • kid_you_not

    They are posing a disease threat – this can not be denied. Love how you say MD/PhD STUDENT. Hmmm, do you have the contact numbers for her panel – they need to know she is telling provable lies.

  • kid_you_not

    Why won’t Rachel say they are not carrying any diseases? Without that statement you can not say they are “no threat.” So she spins some story about vaccines which is an attempt the change the topic. Are they vaccinated against all forms of Hepatitis? There are more diseases than there are vaccines. She did mention vaccine-preventable diseases. So do they pose a risk from non-vaccine preventable diseases? The only answer possible is “yes.” This site is not very honest at all. You are more concerned with pushing an agenda.

In this episode of Observer Radio, MD/PhD student and writer Rachel Pearson joins us to talk about whether immigrant kids from Central America pose a disease threat to Texas. Spoiler: They don't.

Author Wes Ferguson stops by the studio to discuss his book Running the River, an intimate look at life on the Sabine River.

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