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Observer Radio Episode 42: The Wendy Davis Kerfuffle

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  • 1bimbo

    battleground texas/acorn knows the davis campaign won’t gain any ‘traction’. the aim of BTA in this election cycle is to raise money, data mine and lay the ground work for who they will pick next as a ‘viable’ candidate for the future. progressive texans are being used as a longterm political strategy. davis is their practice sample. are there anymore barbara jordans or a molly ivins out there for texas progs? doubtful. so they’ll probably offer up the castro brothers next.

    • not_Bridget

      Thanks for your concern. I’ll gladly support Davis (and I have contributed) and will support the next Democratic candidate for governor. It’s called building for a future–a Blue Texas.

      Glad to be reminded that the Castro brothers really frighten the Republicans. Your hero Ted Cruz said that, if Tejanos really get out the vote, the effects will be felt beyond the state. Without our electoral votes, it will be harder for any Republican to become President.

      So, Go Wendy! But we’re taking the long view, too….

      • 1bimbo

        georgeP bush is after abbott. sorry to disappoint you

In this episode of Observer Radio, editor Dave Mann and staff writer Patrick Michels cover a lot of ground including Wendy Davis' origin story, Texas' school finance trial, and frackquakes.

Our guest for this episode is Adele Houghton of Biositu who explains the connection between climate change, sustainable building practices and public health.

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