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Observer Radio Episode 39: Texas Gets Schooled In Mexican-American History and Central Americans Seek Asylum

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  • 1bimbo

    those special culture and race-based course studies are for college. in texas public schools, we need elective courses which unite us, not divide us. we are texans first. if you want a real story about the failure of texas public schools, take a closer look at the el paso school district, wrought with corruption, taken over by the feds. and yes, we are ‘under attack’ by out-of-control illegal immigration. the farther south you travel in this state the more like a 3rd world country it becomes.

In this episode of Observer Radio, staff writer Patrick Michels explains how Texas is on the way to creating a public school course in Mexican-American history. Staff writer Melissa del Bosque is with us in the studio to talk about Central Americans fleeing violence in their homeland and seeking asylum in the U.S. And we take a look back at a few very important Observer stories from 2013.