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Observer Radio Episode 36: Austin’s Political Landscape Changes and a Church Revival in Wells Goes Awry

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  • Christian P

    Johnathan. I thought it was interesting how, Leah had said that the daughter of the parents had no personal contact. Which when I saw the Ben Tinsley video with the daughter and other news articles, it was said that she had many interactions with her parents. I’m just wondering if Leah is only getting her information from the parents and not from the daughter herself. This whole situation seems to be that these parents have lost their minds and the daughter is 26 and seems to be rightly making her own decisions. What are your thoughts?

In this episode, Observer editor Dave Mann and staff writer Patrick Michels discuss the current state of the governor's race. Writer Leach Caldwell calls in to discuss her recent Observer story about a church revival gone awry in the small Texas town of Wells. And Mike Kanin of In Fact Daily joins us to talk about the changing face of Austin politics.

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