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Observer Podcast Episode 27: Fracking Wastewater, Psychedelic Rock, and What Ted Cruz Really Wants

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  • Amelia Blarney

    The fracking story disturbs me to no end.
    We hear all about what’s going on in Fort Worth here in Dallas, but I had no idea about
    down in Frio county. It is ironic-like, that in the short lived scify series
    “Caprica”, the word “frack” was substituted for “f*ck” in all its forms
    to avoid censorship. But i still say fracking is fucked, no matter
    where they do it. Wake up TEXAS, it is coming to a town near YOU!

In this episode of Observer Radio, staff writer Patrick Michels weighs in on a way for schools to cheat the accountability system that the Texas Education Agency may not be equipped to detect. Staff writer Melissa del Bosque discusses a study that does little to explain killings by Border Patrol agents. And Observer editor Dave Mann helps us figure out what Ted Cruz wants beyond Seussian bedtime stories.

Greg Harman stops by to talk about his recent story "Waste Land" in which he details how Frio County is coping with the constant stream of wastewater created by hydraulic fracturing in the Eagle Ford Shale. We'll also hear from Joe Nick Patoski who recently penned liner notes for Roky Erickson reissues, one of Texas' most influential psychedelic rockers.